Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 7 January 2019 – Reaching Out to Others

Topic: Reaching Out to Others

Memorise: And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday. Isaiah 58:10(KJV)

I have been amazed by the countless calls our ministry has received during the years to help churches become more outreach-oriented. Then, when help is offered, people exert a minimal amount of effort to continue what God places as a top priority.

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 7 January 2019 – Reaching Out to Others

Reaching out to others isn’t something we should pay lip service to. It should be a top priority of living the Christian life.

It takes determination and commitment to stretch ourselves to help others, but that’s how God wants us to live. God says that when you truly give and pour yourself out for others, He will use you. “Your light shall dawn in the darkness and your darkness shall be as the noonday” (Isaiah 58:10 NKJV).

If you reach beyond your own situation and bring Christ’s love to others, the circumstances you face will fade away and disappear. And you’ll experience the wondrous joy of making a difference where it counts. Joyce Meyers Daily Devotional 7 January 2019

What if you decide to change, to make this the time in your life when you make a difference? Rearrange your priorities today and reach out to others.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I want to readjust my priorities and reach out to others the way You want me to. Help me as I step out with determination to make a difference for You.

Thanks for reading today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional 7 January 2019.