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Seeds of Destiny 2 June 2019 – Walking In The Blessing

Seeds of Destiny 2 June 2019 – Walking In The Blessing, written by Pastor Paul Enenche


SCRIPTURE: So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham. Galatians 3:9.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Faith connects a person to the blessing of God.

It has been established that faith is a doorway to profits (Hebrews 11:1). Therefore, to operate in faith is to connect profits in life and destiny.

Now, one profit of faith in the life of the child of God is access to the Blessing of God. Faith connects a person to the Blessing of God. To believe God is to see His goodness (Psalm 27:13). Faith is the doorway to existence in the world of the Blessing.

Let me give you a practical contemporary example: there are people that are popularly referred to as ‘Word-of-faith people’ because of their existence in the realm of brutal faith. They talk, act and do everything by faith. Therefore, God’s Blessing is evident in their lives. Some examples of these people of faith include Kenneth Hagin, Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, etc.

Seeds of Destiny 2 June 2019

Now, let me highlight few exploits of faith and the evidence of the Blessing of God in the lives of these people of faith: Oral Roberts built the Oral Roberts University at Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA which is a 110-floor storey building. Sometime ago, I stood on that ground and was captivated by the magnificence and awe of what God could do through a person of faith who was not a president of any country.

Kenneth E. A. Hagin distributed 325,000 magazines monthly free of charge for many years. Kenneth Copeland has given out 27 Aeroplanes as gifts to people.

Beloved, the faith realm is the blessing realm. Faith moves a person to an enviable status. The realm of faith is a fortunate realm. The faith realm is a realm of escape from the curses of life (Galatians 3:13-14). Have faith in God and embrace the practice of faith, and you are set for the Blessing of God.

Remember this: Faith connects a person to the blessing of God.

Seeds of Destiny 2 June 2019 – ASSIGNMENTS:

1. Make demands on the curse-dissolving Blessing of God upon your life.

2. Decide to walk in faith in order to attract the Blessing of God.

PRAYER: O Lord, I ask that You release Your Blessing on my life in order to swallow every curse, shame and reproach. Give me the grace to walk in the realm of brutal faith, Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


DAILY READING: 2 Samuel 19:11-20:13, John 21:1-25, Psalm 120:1-7, Proverbs 16:16-17

AMAZING FACT: Christianity is the world largest religion with over 2.4billion adherents, about a third of the world’s population.

QUOTE: God delivers those who trust in Him. He delivers His servants that trust in Him. Culled from 15 KINGDOM STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL by Dr Paul Enenche.

PROPHETIC DECLARATION/WORD: The Blessing of the Lord shall be evident in your life in this season, in Jesus’ Name.

Thanks for reading Seeds of Destiny 2 June 2019 – Walking In The Blessing, by Pastor Paul Enenche.

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