MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020 – Inspired And Motivated

MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020, MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020 – Inspired And Motivated

MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020 – Inspired And Motivated by Dr. D.K Olukoya


FIRE SCRIPTURE: Joshua 6:11-23

MEMORY VERSE: “Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions” – Hebrews 11:33

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTE: MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020

God’s wisdom is unfathomable, His power is awesome, His methods are unpredictable, His love is unchanging, His grace is beyond human comprehension, and His abilities cannot find any match in the realm of humanity.

PRAISE WORSHIP: Take a worship song as led by the Holy Spirit


The MESSAGE For MFM Daily Devotional 18 January 2020

As you journey through life, you need to be inspired and motivated. In fact, the devotional hour is the hour of inspiration. I was a teacher for many years in a secondary school. One day, I was the master on duty. As master on duty, one would go round and see what all the students were in the classrooms and that nobody was doing any mischief in toilets or other places.

As I was going round one day by the toilet door which was hinged in the middle of the door frame leaving room to see the head of whoever was inside from the top and also the legs if one peeped by bending down, I saw the head of a student in the toilet, but when I bent down to look, I did not see the person’s legs. I then stretched myself and looked from the top and saw a boy kneeling right on top of the water closet, busy reading a letter. He did not notice that I had been there for almost three minutes.

By the time he looked up and saw me, he screamed. I said, “Bring that letter.” He said, “No sir, no sir. Don’t read the letter. Please I beg you, sir.” But I insisted. He then gave me the letter with trembling hands. When I read the first paragraph, beginning with: “In the garden of love, dearest apple of my eye, the sugar in my tea…” I knew why his hands were shaking. I said, “In what class are you?” He said, “Form 3, sir.” the present day JSS III. “Who wrote this letter?” He said, “One girl in Form 2, sir.” I said, “Go and bring the girl.” He said, “Ah master! Beat me and let me go.” I said, “No beating, just go and bring the girl.”

Today: MFM Daily Devotional 18th January 2020

Later, he dragged the little girl before me, and I asked her, “You wrote this letter?” She said, “Yes, sir.” I said, “Okay, go and bring me your class teacher.” She did and the teacher and I looked at the school results to see how well that boy and the girl were performing in class work. I found out that, in the last exams, the boy was third to the last student and the girl was second to the bottom in their respective classes. I now said, “Well, if I take you to the principal, you know what will happen.”

They both said, “Yes sir; he will send us out of this school.” I said, “I will not do that. Now, you have three weeks to exams. If your positions do not come between number one and number ten, this letter will get to the school authority and both of you will be expelled.” They said, “Thank you, sir,” and they went away. Do you know what? What I did to them provoked them into action, because they studied very hard and they made the grades that I had set for them.

You need to set your priorities right. You must allow holy provocation. You must learn how to be a channel of blessings to others.


I cut myself off every tribal spirit and curses, in the name of Jesus.
I cut myself off every territorial spirit and curses, in Jesus’ name.
I cut myself off the curse of eating meat sacrificed unto idols, in the name of Jesus.

Let the curse of impossibility issued against me, bounce back on the enemy, in the name of Jesus.
By the blood of Jesus, I break loose from every family collective curse, in the name of Jesus.
Through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I break all evil curses.
Through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, I break all spells.

MOUNTAIN TOP LIFE MFM Daily Devotional 18 January 2020 Daily Devotional is written by Dr. D.K Olukoya (General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries, Worldwide). Please share this with others.

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