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Scripture Union Daily Guide 6th June 2020 – The God Who Delivers

Scripture Union Daily Guide 6th June 2020 , Scripture Union Daily Guide 6th June 2020 – The God Who Delivers

Scripture Union Daily Guide 6th June 2020 

Today’s Topic: The God Who Delivers

Opening Prayer: Oh Lord, fill me with the power of the Holy Ghost as I study your word.

Scripture: Psalm 114:1 ─ 8

• What does the passage teach about God the Father, God the Son or God the Holy Spirit?
• What is God revealing to me in this passage?

Scripture Union Daily Guide 6th June 2020 Message

This psalm shows us the backstage events of the deliverance of Israel from humiliating slavery in Egypt and journey through the wilderness (vv.1 –2). Vv.3 and 5 describe graphically how the Red Sea and River Jordan parted for Israel to cross into the Promised Land (compare Exodus 14:21–22; Joshua 3:13–14)? What can we learn from this about God’s ability to take care of obstacles that may stand between us and his purpose for our lives? Vv.4 and 7 are references to the earthquake on Mount Sinai when God gave the Law.

“Mountains skipped like rams” or “tremble” is used figuratively to mean “leaping” or “dancing” for joy to acknowledge the presence of the omnipotent God. V.8 is a reference to the miracle of water from the rock in the wilderness (Exodus 17:5–6). At the heart of Israel’s worship is a gratitude to God for his great deliverance.

We also need to celebrate God for the greatest deliverance from the bondage of Satan and sin through Christ’s death, and his ability to keep us through the wilderness of life till eternity.

Practice/Word Application
What next: Think of some ways God has proved his power in your life, in recent time, for which you need to worship him.

Prayer Points
• Lord, I thank you for your great deliverance and care in my life.
• Ask for the spirit of grace and excellence in all you do.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with Psalm 30:2

Read the Bible in one Year Jer. 6–8; Matt. 21:23–46

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