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MFM Prayer Rain 30th October 2020 Livestream

MFM Prayer Rain 30th October 2020 Livestream, MFM Prayer Rain 30th October 2020 Livestream

MFM Prayer Rain 30th October 2020 Livestream

Prayer Rain is a weekly program held every Friday at MFM Prayer City EXCEPT the Friday preceding Power Must Change Hands. Join us for all of May’s Prayer Rain services as we rain acidic prayers upon every stubborn problems in our lives.

In this week’s edition of Prayer Rain, an anointed man of God will be ministering live and calling those things which be not as though they were. Don’t miss it!

Watch below;

MFM Prayer Rain 30th October 2020 Livestream

MFM Daily Devotional 30th October 2020 Today Message written by by Pastor D.K Olukoya


TODAY’S OUTLINE: MFM Daily Devotional 30th October 2020
It is God’s delight to take His sons and daughters to unprecedented heights where overcoming the devil becomes easy. The focus of today’s devotional is that you are not expected to turn your back against the devil. Satan will flee when you are on the offensive.

Today we shall examine how to disgrace every enemy of your colourful destiny. God has given to every one a colourful destiny. He has also armed each one with weapons to frustrate the agenda of darkness against your destiny. For your destiny to be “tamper-proof,” warfare is important. You must use the right weapon to ward off evil invaders.

The net of the Lord is a weapon given unto us by God for specific areas of warfare. When God wants to capture stubborn run-away enemies, he uses the weapon of the divine net. The net is an instrument for subjecting the enemy to the same captivity which he has schemed for God’s people.

It is wonderful to behold a great company of people who have been arrested through the use of the divine net. It is a weapon that God uses when he sets out to capture a network of evil powers. This is a weapon of mass destruction. It is a weapon that has continued to baffle the enemy, as a result of its ability to overshadow and capture a mass of enemies who believe that they can escape the anger of the Almighty.

When God decides that the enemy’s cup of iniquity is full, and the time is ripe to capture and subject the enemy to shameful defeat, He spreads a net. Of course, when the net is spread, it will capture an entire company of agents of the pit of hell.

This is the weapon you need to make use of when you have discovered that it is time for God to round up the enemy in a net and throw them into the fire of God’s judgment.

Memory Verse: Amos 5:17 “And in all vineyards shall be wailing: for I will pass through thee, saith the LORD.”

Motivational Quote: Character is what you are in the dark when nobody can see you.

Prophetic Word: Power that cannot be insulted, the Lord will give you in Jesus name. Continue Read…



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