Anglican Daily Fountain 20th March 2022 | Jesus Never Fails

Anglican Daily Fountain 20th March 2022
Anglican Daily Fountain 20th March 2022 | Jesus Never Fails

Welcome to Anglican Daily Fountain Sunday 20 March 2022 Devotional, written to inspire and bless you. Kindly share with other people. God bless you!



TEXT: John 11: 17 – 27

Anglican Daily Fountain 20th March 2022 | STUDY

When Jesus heard of the death of Lazarus, he deliberately did not leave immediately to Bethany, the hometown of Lazarus. Marv and Martha, It had now been four days when Jesus finally arrived to see the crowd who had come to comfort the sisters of Lazarus. Martha ran to Jesus. Exclaiming hope that if he had been around, her brother would not have died, but she still believed that God would give Him whatever he asked. However, her bought was for the final resurrection. Jesus assured her that the resurrection could be a present reality, because he is the “Resurrection and the Life.”

Many times, we feel that we love Jesus so much that we can order Him around. Jesus can never be late in any matter, even if we do not seem to see His actions in a predetermined way. Whatever Jesus allows to happen in a given situation is for a purpose and in the best interest of the believer. There may be times we get desperate for help from Jesus and we make up our minds on the way He should respond. Let us learn to trust Jesus wholly and like Martha, believe that even when He seems to delay His intervention will never be late.

Prayer: Lord God, give me grace to accept Your will with my whole heart and trust in you in all situations.

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