Anglican Daily Fountain 6 July 2022 Wednesday

Anglican Daily Fountain 6 July 2022 Wednesday

Anglican Daily Fountain 6 July 2022 Wednesday

Read and Meditate on Today’s Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional for 6th July 2022 Wednesday. May the Lord bless you as you study today!

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TEXT: Exodus 17:8-16(NKJV)

Our text today reveals how Aaron and Hur supported the hands of Moses as he held up his rod on the hill while Joshua fought with the Amalekites. During the battle, each time Moses’ hands were up, victory came to Israel and vice versa. This informed the assistance Aaron and Hur rendered to stabilize Moses’ hands.

Since it is established that raising and sustaining Moses’ hand gave strength and victory to the Israelite army, it then means both Aaron and Hur were also instrumental to the victory Joshua had over the enemy. They were supporters of Moses’ Ministry. Some of the lessons learnt from this incident are that (i) We are expected to place great importance on helping the ministerial work of men of God just like Aaron and Hur helped in stabilizing Moses’ hands.

Doing this has eternal reward and draws God’s blessings (ii) Servants of God are called to be interdependent and not independent. They are to assist one another just as Aaron, the priest, upheld the hands of Moses, the prophet of God. (iii) Joshua and his army physically engaged the Amalekites while Moses was supported by Aaron and Hur to facilitate the victory. This shows a collective responsibility and victory-for-all mentality.

Christians should learn to combine their forces against the enemy of their souls, the devil.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, make me a blessing to the ministry of your church, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Anglican Daily Fountain 6 July 2022 Wednesday

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