Bishop TD Jakes Bible Study 24th May 2023 Wednesday

Bishop TD Jakes Bible Study 24th May 2023 Wednesday

Bishop TD Jakes Bible Study 24th May 2023 Wednesday

TD Jakes 24 May 2023 Wednesday Night Bible Study

Join and Watch Wednesday Night Bible Study 24th May 2023 with Bishop T.D. Jakes. May the Lord bless you through today’s study!

Saints, let’s do our part to slow the spread of COVID and the Omicron variant. It’s not my favorite way to do things either, but let’s lean on the side of caution for a virtual-only Wednesday Night Bible Study, beginning TONIGHT!

Step into the Word at 7 p.m. CT:

Watch Live Broadcast: TD Jakes 24th May 2023 Wednesday Night Bible Study


Join us tonight for Wednesday Night Bible Study at The Potter’s House of Dallas!

Don’t let the glove fool you — there’s an iron fist inside. The enemy laid down because he saw a velvet glove, but he underestimated the stake-driving steel of your hand. Kind hearts can still kill when God uses our weaknesses to end wars. It’s in His strength that we’re greased with the fortitude to seal the victory. Whatever is coming against you, God will disarm it. This is your moment: Take off your velvet glove and nail it down with your iron fist!

Attach your seed to this anointing, sow into good soil!

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Sunday Service
Pre-Show begins at 8:45 a.m.
Service begins at 9 a.m.

Wednesday Night Bible Study
Countdown begins at 6:45 p.m.
Service begins at 7 p.m.

We’re in the midst of panic, pandemic, prosecution, and persecution the world over, and yet we shall continually praise the Lord. Is it denying the reality of our situation, or is it deciding to revel in the revelation of His victory? In this season of new beginnings, don’t miss that God can take your life and radically rearrange it to push you into the next dimension! You’re about to walk into something new and exciting because it’s all up from here!


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