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Catholic Online Mass for 11th February 2021 Today Livestream from Singapore

Catholic  Online Mass for 11th February 2021 Today Livestream from Singapore

Catholic Online Mass for 11th February 2021 Today Livestream from Singapore

This is Today’s Livestream; Catholic Weekday Mass Today Online – Thursday, 5th Week of Ordinary Time 2021. May the Lord bless you, Amen.

Thursday, 5th Week of Ordinary Time (11th February 2021)

Mass Celebrated by Archbishop William Goh

The celebrant for Masses on our channel for Wednesdays to Sundays is Archbishop William Goh.

The Catholic Mass today is celebrated all around the world. Here in Singapore, we are pleased to provide online, daily Catholic Mass live or recorded in English to all Catholics and anyone interested in the Catholic faith. During Catholic Masses, it is not uncommon to hear a homily about Catholic teachings and Catholic answers to life’s questions. The Holy Mass is beautiful and stems from Jesus. Expect Catholic prayers, Catholic hymns (Christian songs) that come from 2000 years of tradition and practice. All are welcome.

• First Reading: Genesis 2:18​-25
• Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 127(128):1-5 (“O blessed are those who fear the Lord.”)
• Gospel: Mark 7:24​-30

Watch Livestream below;

Catholic Online Mass for 11th February 2021 Today Livestream from Singapore

Read Today’s Daily Mass Readings…

February 11th, 2021: Ordinary Weekday / Our Lady of Lourdes

First Reading: Genesis 2: 18-25
18 And the Lord God said: It is not good for man to be alone: let us make him a help like unto himself.

19 And the Lord God having formed out of the ground all the beasts of the earth, and all the fowls of the air, brought them to Adam to see what he would call them: for whatsoever Adam called any living creature the same is its name.

20 And Adam called all the beasts by their names, and all the fowls of the air, and all the cattle of the field: but for Adam there was not found a helper like himself.

21 Then the Lord God cast a deep sleep upon Adam: and when he was fast asleep, he took one of his ribs, and filled up flesh for it.

22 And the Lord God built the rib which he took from Adam into a woman: and brought her to Adam.

23 And Adam said: This now is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called woman, because she was taken out of man.

24 Wherefore a man shall leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they shall be two in one flesh.

25 And they were both naked: to wit, Adam and his wife: and were not ashamed.

Responsorial Psalm: Psalms 128: 1-2, 3, 4-5
1 Blessed are all they that fear the Lord: that walk in his ways.

2 For thou shalt eat the labours of thy hands: blessed art thou, and it shall be well with thee.

3 Thy wife as a fruitful vine, on the sides of thy house.

4 Behold, thus shall the man be blessed that feareth the Lord. Continue Reading…

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