Daily Guide 2021

Scripture Union Daily Guide 2021 Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 2021 Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 2021 provides opportunities for young people, and adults to explore the Bible, respond to Jesus, and grow in faith. It gives the depth and insight of God’s word, His purpose for mankind. It also brings the Salvation of souls to mankind.

Daily Guide is daily routing readings from the Scripture Union Nigeria and has lasted for decades.

Read everyday and get inspired to begin your day…


“To reach children, young people and families, nurturing them through Bible engagement and training to become committed Christians of influence” SU NIGERIA

Dig out the roots!
Jesus was not interested in ‘trimming the leaves’ or even ‘cutting down the branches’ of sin. He goes for the roots. The Scribes and the Pharisees were strict in keeping the Law. For example, they would never tolerate adultery because it is forbidden in the eighth Commandment. That was why they wanted the woman caught in adultery to be stoned to death, (John 8:3-5). However, that was like locking the door after the house has been burgled. For Jesus Christ, prevention is better than cure. Adultery begins with the lustful look, and not necessarily when the act is committed with the woman, (v.28).

In the same manner, it is not the process of divorce that needs regulating, (v.31), but divorce itself should not occur and will not occur if people live right with God and with one another, (v. 32). The third issue in our reading today concerns personal integrity. People swear on the Bible in our courts of law before they begin making false statements! How does Jesus Christ describe such people in John 8:44? Notice Jesus’ expectation of the Christian (vs. 34 – 37). Read More Daily Notes Also Daily Bread Devotional

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