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DCLM Daily Manna 27th January 2021 Devotional – From Rockets To Roses

DCLM Daily Manna 27th January 2021 Devotional - From Rockets To Roses

DCLM Daily Manna 27th January 2021 Devotional – From Rockets To Roses

You are reading DCLM Daily Manna Devotional for Today Wednesday 27th January 2021; written by Pastor W.F Kumuyi. Be blessed and inspired by today’s reading.


TEXT: PSALM 76:1-12

KEY VERSE: “Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain” (Psalm 76:10).


The conflict between Israel and Palestine over land occupation has been on for several decades. The Gaza Strip happens to be a major conflict scene in the unending struggle. It is reported that in recent years, about 20,000 destructive rockets have been fired from the Palestinian occupied Gaza Strip into Israel.

But an Israeli metal sculptor and blacksmith, Yaron Bob, has become world famous for transforming these rockets (objects of destruction) into highly priced beautiful hand-sculpted pieces of art – magnificent roses and jewellery. Today, Rockets into Roses has become a brand that stands for history, beauty and peace. Long before Yaron Bob was born, God had been converting rockets into roses for the benefit of His people.

This is what the psalmist, Asaph, alluded to in the key verse. The manifest presence and power of God among His people is here acknowledged. His glorious power that silences formidable enemies of His people is also extolled. Considering all these, men ought to fear God and His people should trust Him more. The Church of God has remained the target of attack by Satan and his cohorts in the world.

Assortments of “rockets” are angrily fired at them every time but the Lord often converts the rockets into roses. He has always turned the furious persecution of His people by the wicked into occasions of praise. This should serve to strengthen our faith and commitment towards God. It is possible that right now you are at the receiving end of some deadly rockets from the enemy’s camp.

Do not give in to the pressure but strengthen your grip on faith in God’s glorious presence, power and providence. Trust Him to turn the enemy’s rockets into roses of testimonies.

Thought For Today: If God is on your side, it doesn’t matter who or what is on the other side.

Bible In One Year: EXODUS 37-38

Thank you for reading Today’s DCLM Daily Manna 27th January 2021 Devotional – From Rockets To Roses. God bless you!

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