Dr Paul Enenche October 2022 New Month & Independence Declaration

Dr Paul Enenche October 2022 New Month & Independence Declaration

Dr Paul Enenche October 2022 New Month & Independence Declaration

Welcome to the tenth month of the year 2022. A New Month of October for restoration and victory. Here are couple of declarations from the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Glory Dome, Abuja Nigeria.

Make these declarations and it will come to pass…

Dr Paul Enenche October 2022 New Month & Independence Declaration

– What others pay money for, God will do it for you free of charge!
– Everything that is called an affliction that came here with you is arrested and returned back to hell!
– Everything threatening your life and your health, today is the end of it forever!
– You shall fulfil your days!

– Every premature grave that has been dug for you or your loved ones, I declare that it is covered!
– If those who dug that premature grave will not leave you alone, they will take your place in that grave!
– If it will crash you will not enter, and if you have entered it cannot crash!
– A cycle of ancestral and generational curses just got broken!
– Every door closed against your life and against our nation Nigeria is opening now!
– Every negative thing that was born with Nigeria expires today!

– God is about to shock the devil in this nation!
– Everywhere the devil has kept you, your father’s house, family members and children, I declare you are out now!
– From today, the things you say about your life shall manifest on the spot!
– By the power of His Presence, something new is beginning in your life!

– Something that did not exist before in your life is about to be introduced by the Dunamis of God
– The power of His Presence tonight shall give you needed Direction
– By the presence of God on our nation, the church and your life, the seal of Divine preservation is confirmed on your life!

– Anyone looking for you and your loved ones, it is death they are looking for!
– Tonight, the presence of God has sealed you unto preservation!
– Anything standing between where you are and where you are meant to go, after tonight, it shall be dismantled!
– Everything standing between Nigeria and its destiny, I announce tonight, they shall be dismantled!
– I declare a new beginning in your life!

– I declare creation in your life!
– The Light of Divine direction is released!
– I declare Divine preservation upon your life!
– The obstacles that stood before you before now are dissolved!
– Everyone in need of a healing or deliverance miracle, I declare it is released for you!


Nigeria @ 62.
Father, may You reign in the affairs of our Nation, Nigeria. Restore the dignity of this great Nation Oh LORD in Jesus’ Name.

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