Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2021

Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2021

Dunamis Fasting And Prayer 2021

21 Days Greater Glory Fast @ the Glory Dome is tagged, ‘RELEASED, RECOVERY & REPLICATION FAST 2021’

The 2021 (21) days greater glory fast is scheduled to start from January 2020 at the Glory Dome, Airport Road, Abuja by 5:00 PM daily.

The Dunamis International Gospel Centre 2021 fasting and prayer begins Monday, 04th of January, and the prayer points from the church can be found here.

When Is Dunamis International 2021 Fasting Starting?
According to the church, the 21 days 2021 fasting and prayer of Dunamis International Gospel Centre is from January 4th to January 24th and is tagged, Release, Recovery and Reconciliation.

Dunamis Fasting Prayer Guide
Congregants and other participants are expected to gather at the church headquarters in Abuja and other branches of the Dunamis International Gospel Centre by 5 pm to break the fasting every day.

Dunamis 2021 Fasting Prayer Points
All prayer points for fasting as released by the church with the accompanying Bible verses.

Prophetic Declarations by Pastor Paul Enenche on Day 2 of 21 Days Fast…

– I don’t know the current battle around your life but victory is hereby confirmed
– The last card of God which is the Blood of Jesus will provoke your release tonight and establish your victory and that of your family tonight!

– That stubborn devil, in this season of the fast must let you go and let your family go by the power of the Blood of Jesus!
– In the covens of witchcraft and in the kingdoms of darkness where there has been a plot against your life and destiny, tonight, by the tokens of the Blood, judgment shall appear there and your victory shall be announced, in Jesus’ Name!

– I stand by the apostolic and prophetic mantle upon my life to decree and declare, tonight, is your night of release in Jesus’ Name!
– That Word that shall enter and give you victory, you shall locate it!
– Every calabash where they have kept you and kept your loved ones, it is broken now!
– Everything belonging to you that has been tied down is released!
– Everyone that has been tied by the enemy is released now!
– As you go home tonight, you will still meet your own testimony. You shall have an overnight encounter that will cancel every enemy agenda!

– Anywhere they tied your destiny, whatever they tied it to is set on fire and your life and destiny is released!
– That ‘Yes’ that you are trusting God for is hereby released!
– This year, this season, even this time of this fast, it will be clear to those who know you that God is not wasting your time, that God is not a user of people, that God is faithful, that there is a God in Heaven!
– Your expectations are now turned into your manifestations!

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