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Faith To Faith 11 May 2019 Devotional – Never Fall by Kenneth Copeland

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Faith To Faith 11 May 2019 Devotional – Never Fall written by Kenneth Copeland

Topic: Never Fall

Key Verse: Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. – 2 Timothy 2:15

Message: Faith To Faith 11 May 2019 Devotional

A lot of people have been playing games when it comes to the Word. They claim to be faith people in public. But, in private, they never open the Bible at all. Then, when a time of trouble comes and they try to stand on the Word, they fall flat on their spiritual faces.

Well, the time for playing games is over. It’s time for us to realize that real faith involves action. James 2:20 says faith without works [or corresponding action] is dead. Faith To Faith 11 May 2019 Devotional

If you want the kind of faith that will keep you on your feet when others are falling around you, you need to take some action where the Word is concerned.

First, you need to study. You can study the Word in many ways. Not only can you read it, you can dig deeply into it with concordances, Greek/Hebrew dictionaries and other study guides. What’s more, if you have a media player, you can walk around half the day listening to teaching. It’s only one way of study, but it is a powerful one.

The second thing you need to do is go where the Word is being preached. When Romans 10:17 says “faith cometh by hearing,” it’s talking about the preached Word.

Faith To Faith 11 May 2019 Devotional by Kenneth Copeland

Whenever I start feeling surrounded by problems and I’m having trouble hearing from God, I drop everything and find some place where I can hear the Word preached. I’ve received more answers from God that way than I can count. Even though the preacher may not have been preaching about anything even remotely connected with the issue I was struggling with, some word of Scripture would suddenly start my thoughts in a certain direction. Then I’d realize, That’s the answer to that problem I’ve been dealing with for the past six weeks!

Third, you need to start confessing the Word you’ve heard. Find the promise of God that covers your situation and then declare it out loud as if it had already come to pass in your life.

Get serious about the Word of God. Study it. Go hear it preached. Confess it. Become such a diligent workman that the devil himself will look at you with fear and say, “There’s one believer who’s not playing games anymore.”

Scripture Reading: 2 Peter 1:3-10

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