Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy Father's Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

It is yet another Special Day for all the Daddies (Fathers) around the globe. It’s a day to celebrate our dogged and resilient men who are standing for the family and society at large. Let’s celebrate Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy Father’s Day 2022: The special day is here. This year, Father’s Day will be celebrated on June 19. On this day, the fathers and the father figures of our lives are acknowledged and their impact on our lives are appreciated. Fathers are always our hero – they teach us the importance of resilience and dedication. From growing up perched on our fathers’ shoulders to watching them be our best friends to running to them every time we face a problem in life – they are our first love and our idol. On Father’s Day, their efforts in making our lives better and easier are recognised. Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy Father’s Day 2022 Quotes

1. “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that’s why I call you dad because you are so special to me.” – Wade Boggs

2. “My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived, and let me watch him do it.” – Clarence Budington Kelland

3. Happy Father’s Day to my first love and my hero. Without you, I would have never learnt the importance of dedication, focus and the strive to be better in life.

4. “I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.” ― Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum

5. You’re my hero, dad. From watching the world under the safe cocoon of your arms to watching you be the wind beneath my wings, there’s no one like you.

6. “Sometimes I think my papa is an accordion. When he looks at me and smiles and breathes, I hear the notes.” ― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

7. Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the world. Every child thinks that their dad is the best and none of them are wrong! You’re my favourite human.

8. “That was when the world wasn’t so big and I could see everywhere. It was when my father was a hero and not a human.” ― Markus Zusak, I Am the Messenger

9. “The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” ― Prevost Abbe, Manon Lescaut

10. You’re the one I run to in case of problems, and also when I am super excited to share a happy news. You’re my main man. Happy Father’s Day.

  • Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

11. “There is nothing that moves a loving father’s soul quite like his child’s cry.” ― Joni Eareckson Tada

12. Happy Father’s Day! May this day bring to you happiness, prosperity and a long life. You’re the best!

13. “Dad: A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love.” – Unknown

14. “The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” – Justin Ricklefs

15. “It is a wise father that knows his own child.” – William Shakespeare

16. “A girl’s first true love is her father.” – Marisol Santiago

17. “Father, Dad, Papa, no matter what you call them they influence our lives and they are the person we look up to.” – Catherine Pulsifer

18. “I would define a leader as a person who puts the welfare of the group above himself. It’s the same thing with fathers.” – Etan Thomas

19. “A father doesn’t tell you that he loves you. He shows you.” – Dimitri the Stoneheart

20. “Fathers just have a way of putting everything together.” – Erika Cosby

Happy Father's Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

Happy Father’s Day 2022: Wishes and Messages

1. Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to step and throw, how to field a grounder, how to follow through, and pretty much every other important thing I know about baseball and living!

2. Thank you for being there every day with just the love and guidance I’ve needed. Everything you’ve taught me has stuck with me and I’m lucky to have a dad like you. Happy Father’s Day!

3. I have learned everything required to live a good life from you! Thank you for always being there dad! Happy Father’s Day!

4. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to have a dad like you. You have provided stability in my life and the love and acceptance I needed. Happy Father’s Day!

5. Dad growing up I know there were times that I was a pain, and now that I have children, I find that I am a pain to them, but the wisdom and the knowledge you gave me make me appreciate the pain in a very happy way! Thanks, Dad.

6. A Father like you is a gift from God. I give thanks for the blessing of you Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

7. On Father’s Day, we hope you feel honoured for all your years of leading our family. And every day, we hope you feel how loved you are. Happy Father’s Day!

8. No matter how small you were, when Dad said, “I love you,” you’d feel bigger than the sky.

9. A dad has arms to lift high, a heart to love, shoulders to support, a smile to reassure, a hand of blessing to send you out into the world, and a warm embrace to welcome you back home. Happy Father’s Day!

10. Dad hugs are strong hugs that can say so many things, like “I’ve got you. I’m always right here. And I’ll always love you.

Happy Father’s Day 2022: WhatsApp and Facebook Status

1. It is a wise father that knows his own child. Happy Father’s Day!

2. The power of a dad in a child’s life is unmatched.” Happy Father’s Day!

3. Father is the first HERO of his Son And the First LOVE of his Daughter.

4. Father is the only man who will never let you fall. Happy Father’s Day!

5. Some people don’t believe in Heroes. They’ve never met my DAD. Happy Father’s Day!

6. For me, FATHER is the abbreviation for Forgiving Affectionate Tolerant Humble Energetic and Respected.

7. You are the one who teaches me what’s wrong & what’s right. Happy Father’s Day!

8. Thank you for being a great dad to us! Happy Father’s Day!

9. Happy Father’s Day! You’re not just my father, but one of my closest friends.

10. Father’s protection is much stronger than any bodyguard in this world.

Happy Father’s Day 2022:Poems

1. “In Her Eyes”
“The depth of a father’s love shows in his daughter’s eyes / What’s known is what’s shown from sunset to sunrise / A foundation built on more than just what is spoken / It’s commitments kept and promises that go unbroken / An emotion so immense that nothing in this world can erase / The permanent impression of love is tattooed upon her face / A relation so peculiar that only the two can understand / Yet so immaculate it’s obvious that, by God, it was planned.”

By Michelle W. Emerson

2. Silent, Strong Dad

He never looks for praises.
He’s never one to boast.
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most.
His dreams are seldom spoken.
His wants are very few,
And most of the time his worries
Will go unspoken, too.
He’s there…a firm foundation
Through all our storms of life,
A sturdy hand to hold onto
In times of stress and strife.
A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad.
One of our greatest blessings,
The man that we call Dad.

By Karen K. Boyer

3. Special Hero

“When I was a baby / you would hold me in your arms / I felt the love and tenderness / keeping me safe from harm / I would look up into your eyes / and all the love I would see / How did I get so lucky / you were the dad chosen for me / There is something special / about a father’s love / Seems it was sent to me / from someplace up above / Our love is everlasting / I just wanted you to know / That you’re my special hero / and I wanted to tell you so.” By Christina M. Kerschen

Happy Father’s Day 2022 Wishes, Messages And Quotes

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