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In Touch Devotional 1 June 2024 || A Picture of Growth

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In Touch Devotional 1 June 2024 || A Picture of Growth


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Topic: A Picture of Growth
Taking time to meditate on God’s Word slowly transforms how we think, act, and respond to those around us.

Scripture: Psalms 1:1-3

In Touch Devotional 1 June 2024 Message:

Taking on something new is always a challenge. Whether you want to learn to play a musical instrument, bake intricate and delicious pastries, or shape wood into a bowl or cup, there’s a lot of new terminology and tools to master. Let’s consider photography in greater detail for a moment. Not only do you have to understand all the features on a camera; you also must consider things like lighting, backgrounds, and composition if you want to capture a beautiful image.

Just as a photographer sets about the daily work of mastering new skills to grow as an artist, we need to develop the skills that will help us grow in our faith. One of these is highlighted in today’s passage: meditating on God’s Word.

The psalmist writes that we’re blessed when we meditate on what God says—we become marked by His fullness. We shouldn’t race through the words; meditation is about learning the nuances of thinking about who God is and what He desires. Like the photographer who continually works to improve his proficiency with the camera, we too must keep coming back to God’s Word. As we do this consistent work, Scripture will begin to change us. Then God’s voice sinks into our being, transforming how we think, act, and respond to the world around us (Hebrews 4:12).

Bible in One Year: Job 1-4


In Touch Devotional 1 June 2024 || A Picture of Growth

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