Joel Osteen 27 December 2019 Devotional – You’ve Got It

Joel Osteen 27 December 2019 Devotional - You've Got It

Joel Osteen 27 December 2019 Devotional – You’ve Got It


KEY VERSE: …his favor lasts a lifetime… Psalm 30:5, NIV

TODAY’S WORD: Success in this life isn’t necessarily about how popular, influential or educated someone is. Success is about living a life of excellence in obedience to God’s Word. When we step out to do what God has called us to do, Scripture says that His favor surrounds us like a shield. When we have His favor, we have everything. We have an advantage for success! God’s favor opens the right doors. His favor will bring good breaks. The favor of God will cause you to accomplish what you could not accomplish on your own. It gives you an edge.

Now, if you’re going to see the gracious hand of God at work in your life, you can’t go through the day feeling intimidated, thinking that you’re average, comparing yourself to everyone else. No, you have to live like you have His favor, think like you have favor, talk like you have favor, walk like you have favor, dress like you have favor! Not arrogantly. Not in a way that portrays that you’re better than somebody else, but with a quiet confidence knowing that you have the gracious hand of God on your life! Live like you’ve got it because you do!

A Prayer for Today Father, thank You for Your grace, favor and mercy upon my life. I praise You today because You are good. I receive Your truth by faith and rise up to walk in my calling. I know that You are going before me to prepare the way as I walk in Your favor all the days of my life in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Joel and Victoria Osteen

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