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Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 15 June 2024 || Avoid the Squeeze

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6 June 2024 ||Dead Bones Live

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Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6 June 2024 ||Dead Bones Live


Today’s Scripture: Ezekiel 37:3, NIV
He asked me, “Son of man, can these bones live?” I said, “Sovereign LORD, you alone know.”

Today’s Word
The prophet Ezekiel had a vision of a valley filled with dry bones. In Ezekiel’s case, they represented the return of the people of Israel. But they also represent things in our lives that seem dead, dreams that didn’t work out, closed doors. When God asked Ezekiel if he believed the bones could live, He was saying, “What level of faith are you at?” Ezekiel answered back, “O Sovereign Lord.” He was saying, in effect, “God, You control the universe.

You can do the impossible.” That was the faith God was looking for. He told Ezekiel to prophesy to those dead bones, and when he did, the bones came back to life.

You may face situations in your health, finances, or relationships that seem impossible. You can stay stuck there with little faith, but as with Ezekiel, great faith is in you. It’s not in your mind or your emotions; it’s in your spirit, and you need to wake it up. Now do your part and get in agreement with God. Prophesy health, victory, breakthrough, and abundance for every need. Dead things are about to come back to life. Great faith brings great favor.

Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You that You have the power to breathe life into the things that seem dead in my life. Thank You that You are taking me from little faith to great faith. I believe that as I speak words of faith, You will make things happen that I could never make happen. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 6 June 2024 ||Dead Bones Live

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