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Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 10 January 2024 Message


Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 10 January 2024 Message

Welcome to Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational Message for Wednesday 10th January 2024. Be inspired with God’s Word and be blessed!

Think about how God must feel when we come back day after day, “God, please heal me. God, please bring the right person. God, please turn this problem around.” The first time you asked, God went to work. The first time you prayed in faith, according to God’s word, He said yes. The Scripture says, “All of His promises are yes and amen.” Now I’m human, I can break a promise, I can disappoint you, but our Heavenly Father will never let you down. He’ll never go back on His word.

You may not see any sign of what God promised you. You could live worried, stressed, doubting. Try a different approach. Every time those thoughts tell you, “You’ll never get well, never break the addiction, never see your family restored. It’s been too long; it would have happened by now.” Turn that worry into worship. “Father, thank You that what You started in my life You will finish.

Thank You that Your plans for me are for good, that my latter days will be better than my former days. Lord, I thank You that You’ve already taken care of what I’m concerned about. The moment I prayed, things shifted in my favor; You set the miracle into motion.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: “Father, thank You for Your promise that You will work out Your plans for my life according to Your will. Thank You that I can stay in peace knowing that You are working behind the scenes and directing the outcomes. Help me to be patient and know that You are bringing me into my purpose. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Listen now to this message from Joel, “Thank God Before the Promise”:

When you pray, God sets the miracle into motion. Believe that what He promised is already on the way.

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 10 January 2024 Message

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 10 January 2024 Message

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