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Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 25 January 2024 Message


Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 25 January 2024 Message

Welcome to Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational Message for Thursday 25th January 2024. Be inspired with God’s Word and be blessed!

The Scripture says, “When you’re good to your enemies, it’s like heaping coals of fire on their head.” You would think that if we treat our enemies the way they treated us that would be good payback. “If they talk bad about me, I’m going to talk bad about them. If they leave me out, I’m going to leave them out. If she’s rude to me, two can play at that game. I’ll be rude to her.”

That feels good to our flesh, to let them have it, but you never come out ahead by doing to others what they did to you. The real way you see favor and increase is to bless your enemies. When you’re good to those who are not good to you, not only will you rise higher, but God will deal with those who are not treating you right.

Hebrews 11 says something interesting. After talking about all the heroes of faith and the amazing things they accomplished, verse 39 says, “None of them received all that God had promised. For God has far better things in store for us that would also benefit them. For they can’t receive the prize at the end of their race until we finish our race.” This is saying that there are things your loved ones accomplished, but they didn’t finish. It couldn’t happen in just one generation. They didn’t see the fullness.

They’re going to see the prize when you finish it. They’re going to get their full reward when you step up and do what God’s put in your heart. It’s going to take boldness, not letting fear hold us back. It’s going to take integrity, excellence, staying on the high road, and not letting compromise, temptation, lack of discipline hinder us. Your loved ones are counting on you.

Listen now to this message from Joel, “Hearing the Heavenly Cheers”:

“God’s anointing increases from generation to generation. All of heaven is cheering you on as you run your race with purpose.”

TODAY’S PRAYER: “Father, thank You that Jesus is the author of my story, and He will finish what He has written for my life. Thank You that Your plans for me are good, to give me a future and a hope. Help me to get my story in line with the story You have written for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 25 January 2024 Message

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 25 January 2024 Message

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