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Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 31 January 2024 Message


Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 31 January 2024 Message

Welcome to Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational Message for Saturday 31st January 2024. Be inspired with God’s Word and be blessed!

Keep walking in the anointing that you are in—being your best, honoring God, living a life of excellence and integrity, praying bold prayers, taking steps of faith—and at the right time, when you need it, there will be a fresh anointing. This is not something you have to make happen: strive, struggle, force. This is the hand of God, breathing on your life, empowering you to fulfill your purpose. What God has ordained for you cannot be stopped by people, by bad breaks, by disappointments, by delays. The anointing on your life will supersede every force that tries to hold you back.

Maybe you’re tired, you feel worn down. You’ve been working hard, raising children, dealing with adversity, still coming to church, still helping others. God sees you being faithful, doing the right thing, going the extra mile. Right now, He’s breathing fresh strength into you. You’re going to feel a supernatural power, a resolve, a can-do mentality, lifting you, energizing you, filling you with passion, with vitality. I believe and declare that you will run and not be weary. You will walk and not faint. Your youth is being renewed like the eagles. A fresh anointing is coming your way.

With every new season, with every new level, God has a fresh anointing. He didn’t just call you that one time, give you that one blessing, that one good break. All along the way, there will be fresh anointings. He has fresh strength, where you’ll feel a supernatural power to do what you couldn’t do before. He has fresh vision, where you’ll see things more clearly, have a new perspective. He has fresh favor, where you’ll overcome obstacles that seem too big. He didn’t bring you this far to leave you stuck, overwhelmed, not able. You’re about to see a fresh wind of His spirit. Fresh opportunities are coming your way: fresh passion, fresh momentum. This fresh anointing is going to cause you to bloom, to blossom, to reach levels you never thought possible.

Listen now to this message from Joel, “A Fresh Anointing”:

TODAY’S PRAYER: “Father, thank You that You are the Most High God who is directing my steps to my destiny. Thank You that You are in control and that I don’t have to get stuck in trying to understand every wrong along the way. I believe You are using it to transport me to my purpose. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 31 January 2024 Message

Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 31 January 2024 Message

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