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Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 13th February 2024 Message


Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 13th February 2024 Message


Join and study today’s inspiring message by Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen. May the Lord bless you through these inspirational messages, Amen!

When you’re in the middle of a miracle, sometimes it will feel chaotic. You may not hear angels playing harps and the heavenly choir singing. The circumstances may not be calm and reassuring, it may look like all hell is breaking loose. The medical report looks worse, the economy is taking a nosedive. It’s easy to panic, live worried, not able to sleep at night. But God is saying, “Be still and know that I am God.”

It’s easy to be satisfied. We’re happy. God’s been good to us; we have no complaints. But can I tell you: there’s so much more. God has oceans of favor, oceans of good breaks, oceans of new opportunities. How are you going to step into it? Stay thirsty. Be grateful for where you are and, at the same time, release your faith for the new things that are in your future.

What’s hindered you in the past is not permanent. That trouble at work is about to turn, that child that’s off course is about to turn, that depression you’ve been dealing with is about to turn. This is a new day. Forces that have held you back are being broken. I believe and declare what Zephaniah prophesied. Everything you’ve lost will be restored. Instead of shame, you will have honor. Burdens you’ve carried are being lifted. People that have hindered you are being moved out of the way. The sick are being healed. The prodigals are coming home. You will be respected wherever you go. It’s turnaround time.

Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 13th February 2024 Message

When God gives you a vision, He’ll take care of the provision it requires. We can wait in faith and expectancy.

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Joel Osteen Today's Inspirational 13th February 2024 Message

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