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Joel Osteen Today Inspirational 21 March 2024 Message

Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 2nd March 2024 Message

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Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 2nd March 2024 Message


Join and study today’s inspiring message by Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen. May the Lord bless you through these inspirational messages, Amen!

When you think about the best day of your life, what day would it be? The day you were married, the day your child was born, the day you found out you were cancer free, the day you moved into that new house? Those are all great days. We look back with fond memories. But do you know what I believe the best day of your life is? Today! God has given you another day to be alive, another day to enjoy your family, another day to see the sunrise, another day of possibilities to pursue your dreams, to go after your goals. Sometimes, we let the pressures of life—the traffic, what somebody said, a challenge at work—keep us from enjoying the day. We think it’s just another ordinary day, but the there’s no such thing as an ordinary day. Every day is a gift from God.

Stay encouraged. There’s a God who’s breathing health unto you, a God who’s numbered your days. That setback in your business should stop you. You lost a main client, the pandemic hit, but it cannot finish you off. We serve Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our provider. He makes streams in the desert. He said, “Even in famine, the righteous will have more than enough.” What God started in your life, He’s going to complete.

Joel Osteen Today’s Inspirational 2nd March 2024 Message

God didn’t just give us delivering faith, He gave us sustaining faith. He’s going to give you grace and strength to keep moving forward.

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Joel Osteen Today's Inspirational 2nd March 2024 Message

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