Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional for Tuesday 30 January 2024

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional for Tuesday 30 January 2024

Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional for Tuesday 30 January 2024

DO YOU KNOW THAT…? Pauline Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author, speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Joyce and her husband Dave have four grown children and live outside St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry is headquartered near the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

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SCRIPTURE: Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal which is taking place to test you [that is, to test the quality of your faith], as though something strange or unusual were happening to you.
1 Peter 4:12 (AMP)


One reason we go through trials is to test the quality of our faith. Often, we find ourselves wishing we had faith as strong as another person. I can assure you, if that person has a strong and vibrant faith, they did not develop it easily. Just as muscles are built through exercise, firm faith comes from the furnace of affliction.

No one who does anything worthwhile for God has traveled an easy road. Doing great things for God requires character, and character is developed by passing life’s tests and staying faithful to Him through trials.
The next time you encounter some sort of test or trial, determine to believe God will work it out for your good. Pass the test and trust God to promote you to new levels of power and blessing!

Prayer of the Day: Father God, please help me to have a right response to my problems. Strengthen my faith through my trials, help me to trust in Your plan, knowing each challenge builds character and brings me closer to your purpose and plan for my life, amen.

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