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Joyce Meyer Devotional 16 November 2022 || It’s Time To Grow Up

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Joyce Meyer Devotional 16 November 2022 || It’s Time To Grow Up

DO YOU KNOW THAT…? Pauline Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author, speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Joyce and her husband Dave have four grown children and live outside St. Louis, Missouri. Her ministry is headquartered near the St. Louis suburb of Fenton, Missouri.

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SCRIPTURE: Why do you call Me, Lord, Lord, and do not [practice] what I tell you? Luke 6:46 (AMPC)

Message for Joyce Meyer Devotional 16 November  2022

God’s Word makes it plain in several places that we are not to be hearers only, but that we need to do what we hear (see James 1:22). It is dangerous for one to think that they are spiritually mature because they attend a lot of church services, have a large library of Christian books, and read their Bible regularly. The proof of our true spiritual maturity is seen in our fruit.

Actions speak much louder than words. To know something does us no good at all unless we do what we know to do. Jesus washed His disciples’ feet as an example to them and then said they would be blessed if, knowing these things, they did the same (see John 13:17).

We don’t want to be hypocritical, but that is exactly what we are when we tell others to do what we are not doing ourselves. I recall a time when I had a problem and I was praying and asking God, “What do You want me to do, Lord? What do You want me to do?” He replied to my heart, “Do what you would tell someone else to do if they were in this same situation and asked your advice!” Ouch! Life would often be much simpler if we would follow our own advice.

Take this opportunity to ask yourself what you know to do that you aren’t doing, and then correct it by taking faith-filled action. God is ready to help you if you will take the step of faith to be obedient.

Prayer of the Day: Father, help me always do what I know to do and keep growing in You!

Joyce Meyer Devotional 16 November 2022 || It's Time To Grow Up

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