MFM Daily Devotional 2023

MFM Devotional For 22nd April 2023: Fear Not (VI)

MFM Devotional For 22nd April 2023: Fear Not (VI)

MFM Devotional For 22nd April 2023: Fear Not (VI)


Read and study Today’s MFM Daily Devotional April 22nd, 2023. God bless you as you meditate, Amen.


Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya(DKO).

Bible In One Year:
2 Kings 21-23; Matthew 13-14

Memory Verse:
Genesis 32:7 – Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed: and he divided the people that was with him, and the flocks, and herds, and the camels, into two bands;

Motivational Quotes:
Fear can only stop you if you allow it

Prophetic Word for today:
All the good things you have lost because of fear, receive them back now, in the name of Jesus

Fire Scripture: Matthew 27:57-60

57 When the even was come, there came a rich man of Arimathaea, named Joseph, who also himself was Jesus’ disciple:

58 He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded the body to be delivered.

59 And when Joseph had taken the body, he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth,

60 And laid it in his own new tomb, which he had hewn out in the rock: and he rolled a great stone to the door of the sepulchre, and departed.

Praise & Worship

MFM Devotional 22nd April 2023: Message 

Fear has the capacity to torment to death. It destroys, but it delights the enemy. Fear degrades God and makes the giant look bigger than he is. The fear of Goliath tormented the army of Israel for days before God sent a deliverer in the person of David, who feared no enemy but had his trust and faith in God who is able to deliverer to the uttermost (1 Samuel 17:4-11).

In Gen.12:10-13, we read about Abraham who, out of fear, asked Sarai to tell a half-truth by saying she was his sister. He feared that if they knew the truth that Sarai was his wife, the Egyptian would kill him and take Sarai to Pharaoh to become his wife. Abraham lost faith in God’s protection, even after all God had promised him. That is what fear can do in any life. When you entertain fear, you can tell lies to cover or protect yourself.

Abraham’s lies became a generational issue. In Gen 26:6, Isaac also lied concerning his wife. He two was afraid that the men in Gerar would kill him to get his beautiful wife, Rebecca. The fear of Esau tormented Jacob to the extent of dividing his possessions into two so that if Esau destroyed one company the other company would escape. Fear paralyses because it makes people to lose sleep. Fear will consume your thoughts and dictate your actions. Fear will robo you of your peace and kill your joy. The only fear you are permitted to entertain is the fear of God who is able to destroy the body and soul in hell fire (Matthew 10:28). The Bible also says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Proverbs 9:10).

Apart from this, beloved, any other fear is a torment for 365 days. God keeps saying to you *FEAR NOT”. There is no reason at all for you to fear because of God’s assurance that He is with you always.


1. I break loose from every generational curse, in the name of Jesus Christ.
2. Holy Spirit, release me from every torment of fear, in the name of Jesus Christ.
3. Blood of Jesus Christ avail for me, in the name of Jesus Christ.

1. I receive power to overcome the battles of life, in the name of Jesus Christ
2. Serpent of fear in my life, die now, in the name of Jesus Christ
3. O Lord, increase my faith in You, in the name of Jesus Christ
4. I anchor my life to the Rock of ages, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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