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NSPPD Fasting 21st January 2024 || Day 14 Prayer Points


NSPPD Fasting 21st January 2024 || Day 14 Prayer Points

Day 14 of 21days Streams of Joy/NSPPD Fasting And Prayer 21 January 2024

Welcome to Streams of Joy International’s Annual 21 Days Fasting and Prayers which starting from 8th to 28th January 2024 with Pastor Jerry Eze. Join the breaking of the Fast daily at 5:30pm on YouTube or Facebook page of the Church.


Dear NSPPDIAN, Congratulations!!!…13 DAYS DONE AND DUSTED!!! We move on to Day 14 as we Declare “MY CUP RUNNETH OVER: MORE THAN ENOUGH”(Psalm 23, Luke 6:38, John 6:1-14, Amos 9:13-15(MSG), Ephesians 3:20)🔥🔥🔥🔥

NSPPD Fasting 21st January 2024 || Day 14 Prayer Points

2024: MORE THAN ENOUGH! My Cup Runs over! Hallelujah!

Once has the Lord spoken and twice have I heard that 2024 is the year I move from bottles to wells! From not enough to more than enough! From average results to extraordinary! From the familiar to the supernatural! My eyes will see it, my hands will carry the evidence, my mouth will testify that I have truly seen the God that sees me! (Genesis 21)

El-Roi, If your mercy could find Hagar, the apple of your eyes and your son/daughter __(insert your name)__is here! By reason of The blood of Jesus that speaks far better things for me, I receive MORE! (Genesis 16:13,21)

I call 2024 a year of Surplus Supernatural Surprises! I step into that atmosphere that causes the ideas/gifts/talents/businesses/careers/ministries of Men to bud, bring forth buds, bloom blossoms and yield almonds like the rod of Aaron in one night! When others say stagnation, I declare increase, exponential growth, newness on every side for What my God Cannot do does not exist! (Numbers 17)

In the order of Psalm 23:5: OIL ON MY HEAD, INCREASE IN MY HANDS! Let everything begin to align by Fire! Forces from the valley that may try to arise to take me back to places I have left, Fire!

The Works of my Hands are blessed! The struggles/trials/failures I endured have qualified me for my 2024 breakthroughs! Like Peter, places I toiled in darkness for years, I see 2024 delivering my answers pressed down, shaken together, running over! (Luke 5:1-11, 6:38)

2024 is a year of Power and I refuse to settle for less! Lord launch me into an overflow of your presence, let a new me arise out of me! I receive eyes to see, ears to hear, growth in the fruit of the Spirit, an outburst of giftings that have been dormant in me! (Psalm 23:5)

MORE OF YOU JESUS! Lord You’re not just what I want but all I need, as it was for Abraham, this 2024, Be my shield and my exceeding great reward! (Genesis 15:1)

Powers that make a mockery of my thrones and crowns, attacks of demonic exchange that arise in seasons of more than enough, Fire! Whatever replaces kingship with bondage and slavery, I am not your candidate! I am preserved by mercy! I rule! I reign! No reduction! Fire! (Ecclesiastics 10:5)

It’s my season of more than enough! Whatever is in me that is not bearing fruit in alignment to God’s will for my life, in the order of the fig tree let it dry up by Fire! From the roots! Fire! (Matthew 21:18-22, Matt 15:13)

In this season of Revival, I can be more, I have more to offer! Abba, By your Consuming Fire, burn down every chaff in my life in form of laziness/lousiness, that will hinder/dislocate me from stepping into my more than enough! (Hebrews 12:29)

2024: I will not service negativity with my money, I refuse to be a victim of sudden calamity that drains the resources of men, Fire! (Job 1:13-19)

I have the power to get wealth, everything I lay my hands to do prospers, nothing dies in my hands, in 2024, I have more than enough! My days will never be empty! All things are working! Hallelujah! (Deuteronomy 8:18)

The Lord is my shepherd: I lack nothing! If money can solve it I receive more than enough! If ideas can indeed change the lives of men, let my cup run over! This is the year I become a warehouse of divine possibilities! (Psalm 23)

According to the order of Isaac, the dryness of the land, environment and economy has nothing on me and on my finances, when there is lack and scarcity, my reality will abundance and “more than enough”. Amen. (Genesis 26:12)

Gates of Restoration that lead men into their season of More that enough: EPHAPHATHA!!!? Just like Ruth, I harvest even in places where I didn’t sow. Labor is over, grace is taking over! My barns are overflowing with heavy harvests. My blessings are pouring like wine from the hills, I have been remembered!


NSPPD Fasting 21st January 2024 || Day 14 Prayer Points

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