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NSPPD Fasting Prayer 25th January 2024 – Day 18 Prayers


NSPPD Fasting Prayer 25th January 2024 – Day 18 Prayers


NSPPDIANS, Next up is DAY 18 for HIGH FAVOURπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
STUDY: Luke 1:28-38, Esther 2:1-18, Psalm 89:20-37, 102


January to December, HEAR ME: 2024 IS MY TIME AND MY TURN FOR HIGH FAVOUR! Amen!

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Day 18: NSPPD Fasting And Prayer Points 25 January 2024

2024 is my Set time for High Favor! His Mercies have gone ahead! El-Roi Has seen me! I move from bottles to wells, from lack to abundance, from dryness to overflow, from not enough to more than enough, I have indeed seen the God that sees me! Amen (Psalm 102:13, Genesis 21)

__insert your name__, Congratulations! I have an evidence that I am indeed blessed and highly favored! The Spotlight of Heaven is on me, things I thought I could not achieve, I overexceed expectations, protocols are broken for my sake, What has never been done before shall be done through my life! Amen (Luke 1:28-36)

As it was for Esther, that Mantle, that garment, that fragrance of High favor that sponsors glorious emergence, that causes men to be singled out in the midst of many, come upon me! I will be chosen, I will be preferred, I will be selected! Amen (Esther 2:1-18)

My 2024 is redeemed by the blood! Before a New day comes, High Favor will be waiting for me! Cycles of labor with no evidence are replaced with High favor and back to back celebrations, let the Things others chase begin to chase me! The same things I have been saving money for, I receive them as gifts! Amen! (Ephesians 5:16)

ZIBAs that arise to contend in the season of High Favor, Fire! I am not Mephiboshet, what is mine will not be given to another, my journey with High favor will not end suddenly, ZIBA, Fire! (2 Samuel 9:1-13, 16:1-4, 19:24-30)

Doors of High Favor, EPHAPHATHA! I refuse to operate in the same level of favor I operated in last year! I move up! I rise higher! I walk in a greater overflow! I celebrate back to back miracles that sound like lies! Let the doors Open! (Mark 7:34)

The High-Favor upon my life is trans-generational! My seed shall inherit thrones and crowns, my children will be celebrated, they shall carry global solutions and all men shall call me blessed! Powers that insist the older generation will do better than the younger, not so! Fire!!! (Genesis 22:18)

2024 is my year of back to back encounters, By the High favor upon my life, I wake up daily to angelic visitations, divine secrets, and supernatural outbursts, any power that shall arise to contend with my evidence, Fire! ( Luke 1:28-36)

Chapters of High Favor have been opened for me: Hands are turning, Feet are moving, Hearts are changing in my Favor! All things are ready for me!My Help and Helpers have arrived! My morning has come! I hear Joyful sounds, I see Miracles everywhere, Amen! (Psalm 30:5)

2024: I refuse to be small, The Giant in me must break out! Let the High Favor for an unstoppable manifestation locate me! Holyghost, sit on me, overshadow me with your Glory! Embarrass my doubts, silence my innermost fears and Let your power be perfected in areas of my weaknesses. Amen. (Luke 1:35, Acts 1-2)

The High Favor upon my life is for an assignment! I receive fresh revelation, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to align to the demands of Heaven. Arrows of distractions, Break! Powers that cause men to do the opposite of their divine mandates, Fire! I align! (Esther 2-4, Luke 1:30)

By the instrumentality of High favor upon my family in 2024, we have our NEW NAME!!! We are Blessed! We are Honored! We are Favored! We are The Ones that God has shown great mercy! Hallelujah! What God Cannot do does not exist! (Isaiah 43:1)

2024: I have indeed seen the God that sees me to show me High Favor! Thank you El-Roi for truly, What You cannot do does not exist!

NSPPD Fasting Prayer 25th January 2024 - Day 18 Prayers

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