ODM Devotional 2021 With Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe

ODM Devotional 2021 1st March Message – When Your Ziklag Is Burnt, Always Remember This!

ODM Devotional Message 1st March 2021 - When Your Ziklag Is Burnt, Always Remember This!

ODM Devotional 2021 1st March Message – When Your Ziklag Is Burnt, Always Remember This!

You are reading Our Daily Manna 1st March 2021 ODM Devotional Message written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe. May the Lord Almighty bless you through His word in Jesus name.


Scriptures: HEBREWS 10: 30-36; 1 SAMUEL SAMUEL 30 : 1-1

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Today’s ODM Devotional 2021 1st March Message

Just imagine this: You returned from a 3-day long journey and discovered that your village or house had been burnt to the ground! Not a person or house was in sight. Your bedroom was gone! All livestock and other animals were gone too. Your heart beats so fast as if it will fall from your chest. Then you discovered that your enemies – The Amalekites had overrun your village, burning everything that couldn’t be transported. ALL THEY LEFT BEHIND WERE ASHES which they could not transport! Yet in the midst of that pain, Vs. 6 says: “And David was greatly distressed; for the people spake of stoning him, because the soul of all the people was grieved, every man for his sons and for his daughters: but David encouraged himself in the LORD his God.” HOW DID HE ENCOURAGE HIMSELF IN THE LORD?

Perhaps Heb. 10: 32 (Today’s 1 st scripture) was David’s secret: “But call to remembrance the former days, in which (or when) you endured a great struggle with suffering…” The word “REMEMBRANCE” is the key. When the enemy burns down your ZIKLAG, when battles you did not plan for show up, when your enemies seem to be winning, when men have betrayed you or when DELAY and mockery is now your name, always catch this secret: REMEMBER THE PAST! ODM Devotional 2021 1st March Message

REMEMBER WHAT GOD HAS DONE IN THE PAST! And if He did it before, HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. That was DAVID’S secret of ENCOURAGING HIMSELF IN THE LORD! It means He REMEMBERED what his God had done before and he knew his last bus-stop would not be ASHES or WEEPING BUS- STOP! Oh! Always remember when God answered a prayer and gave you a blessing that was awesome! Remember when you thought the last trial was the absolute worst; and yet you overcame it? Remember? Wow!

Encourage yourself with it! Remember when and how you first became a Christian. Hook to some “precious memories.” These memories are a treasure house! Use them when encouragement is needed. Psalm 77:11 says: “I will remember the works of the LORD; surely I will remember Thy wonders of old.” Did you get that? That was DAVID’s secret… (To be continued tomorrow). Turn to page 106 of “War Against Haman-16” and pray: PRAYERS FOR THE FIRST THREE DAYS OF EACH MONTH. Pray them concerning this new month of March 2021.

Today Prayer Points! ODM Devotional 2021 1st March Message

1. Take your best song of worship to God.
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now
3. Lord, thank you for I know that in this 2021, You are taking me out of theASHES of ZIKLAG! LORD, OPENLY disgrace the Amalekites this year!
4. I determine to encourage myself in the LORD my God this year! Satan, you are a liar. I shall not weep. I shall not mourn and I shall not die before my time in Jesus name. OPENLY show forth my life and destiny this year!
5. In this month of MARCH and indeed 2021, I SHALL RECOVER ALL (Pray it seriously till you have peace to stop).
6. Pray about today now as led!

Thanks for reading Today’s ODM Devotional Message 1st March 2021 – When Your Ziklag Is Burnt, Always Remember This! written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe, the founder of the various Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) worldwide.



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