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Our Daily Bread 14 October 2022 (Friday)

Our Daily Bread 20 March 2019 – From Wailing to Worship

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Our Daily Bread 20 March 2019 – From Wailing to Worship

Topic: From Wailing to Worship

Bible in a Year: Joshua 4–6; Luke 1:1–20
Key Verse: You turned my wailing into dancing; you . . . clothed me with joy. – Psalm 30:11

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 30 (NIV)

Insight: There were many occasions (though often we’re not given specifics) when David was stricken with illness because of his sins (Psalms 6:1–2; 38:1–3; 41:3–4). Some scholars believe David wrote Psalm 30 out of his experience in 1 Chronicles 21 (see also 2 Samuel 24). In his pride—trusting in his own large army and not in God—David counted his army to show how powerful he was (Psalm 30:6–8).

God punished him with a life-threatening illness but mercifully delivered him in response to his prayer (vv. 3–12). Following this, David bought a piece of land and dedicated it as the site for the temple (1 Chronicles 21:25–26; 22:1). The superscription indicates David wrote Psalm 30 for the dedication service: “A psalm. A song. For the dedication of the temple.” By: K. T. Sim

Message: Our Daily Bread 20 March 2019 – From Wailing to Worship

Kim began battling breast cancer in 2013. Four days after her treatment ended, doctors diagnosed her with a progressive lung disease and gave her three to five years to live. She grieved, sobbing prayers as she processed her emotions before God for the first year.

By the time I met Kim in 2015, she had surrendered her situation to Him and radiated contagious joy and peace. Though some days are still hard, God continues to transform her heart-wrenching suffering into a beautiful testimony of hope-filled praise as she encourages others. Our Daily Bread 20 March 2019

Even when we’re in dire circumstances, God can turn our wailing into dancing. Though His healing won’t always look or feel like we’d hoped or expected, we can be confident in God’s ways (Psalm 30:1–3). No matter how tear-stained our path may be, we have countless reasons to praise Him (v. 4). We can rejoice in God, as He secures our confident faith (vv. 5–7). We can cry out for His mercy (vv. 8–10), celebrating the hope He’s brought to many weeping worshipers. Only God can transform wails of despair into vibrant joy that doesn’t depend on circumstances (vv. 11–12). Our Daily Bread 20 March 2019 – From Wailing to Worship

As our merciful God comforts us in our sorrow, He envelops us in peace and empowers us to extend compassion toward others and ourselves. Our loving and faithful Lord can and does turn our wailing into worship that can lead to heart-deep trust, praise, and maybe even joyful dancing. By Xochitl Dixon

Today’s Reflection: What’s the source of true peace and joy? What does it mean for you to truly surrender your all to God?

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