Our Daily Bread 29 April 2023 (Saturday Message)

Our Daily Bread 29 April 2023 (Saturday Message)

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Our Daily Bread 29 April 2023 (Saturday Message)

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Bible in a Year: 1 Kings 6−7; Luke 20:27−47

Bible Verse: The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises. Psalm 145:13

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 145:9−13


The book of Psalms, the hymnbook of the Israelites, is a collection of 150 songs that were sung by God’s people as part of their personal and corporate worship. Psalm 145 is the last psalm in the final collection of songs penned by David (see Psalms 138–145). In this song of praise, he proclaims God as “my God the King” (145:1). David speaks of His “majesty” (v. 5) and “goodness” (v. 7).

He exalts God in his greatness, mentioning His “mighty acts” (v. 4), “awesome works” and “great deeds” (v. 6), and “abundant goodness” and “righteousness” (v. 7). David also praises the King’s attributes: He’s “gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. . . . He has compassion on all he has made” (vv. 8–9). He’s “trustworthy in all he promises” (v. 13) and “righteous in all his ways” (v. 17). Twice, David says God is “faithful in all he does” (vv. 13, 17). By: K. T. Sim


I’m a worrier. Early mornings are the worst because I’m alone with my thoughts. So I taped this quote from Hudson Taylor on my bathroom mirror, where I can see it when I’m feeling vulnerable: “There is a living God. He has spoken in the Bible. He means what He says and will do all He has promised.”

Taylor’s words came from years of walking with God and remind us of who He is and all He can do through our times of illness, poverty, loneliness, and grief. He didn’t merely know that God is trustworthy─he’d experienced His trustworthiness. And because he’d trusted God’s promises and obeyed Him, thousands of Chinese people gave their lives to Jesus.

Experiencing God and His ways helped David know that He’s trustworthy. He wrote Psalm 145, a song of praise to the God he’d experienced to be good, compassionate, and faithful to all His promises. When we trust and follow God, we realize (or understand better) that He is who He says He is and that He’s faithful to His word (v. 13). And, like David, we respond by praising Him and telling others about Him (vv. 10−12).

When we face worrisome times, God can help us not to falter in our walk with Him, for He is trustworthy (Hebrews 10:23). By: Karen Huang

Today’s Reflection & Prayer

What have you been worried about lately, and which of God’s promises can you hold on to? How does knowing that Hudson Taylor’s and King David’s faith wasn’t in vain encourage you and give you hope?

Dear God, thank You for being trustworthy and keeping Your promises to me. Please help me to remember Your faithfulness as I trust and obey You each day.


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