ODM Devotional 2021 With Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe

Our Daily Manna 3rd April 2021 ODM Devotional by Dr Chris Kwakpovwe – The Two Car Washermen – The Riches of Sinners!

Our Daily Manna Saturday 3 April 2021 Today ODM Devotional Message

Our Daily Manna Saturday 3rd April 2021 Today ODM Devotional Message by Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

Today Our Daily Manna 3 April 2021 ODM Devotional

TOPIC: The Two Car Washermen – The Riches of Sinners!

TODAY’S SCRIPTURES: Isaiah 45:3; 2 Kings 7:1-10

Our Daily Manna 3 April 2021 ODM Devotional Message by Dr Chris Kwakpovwe

Two men washed cars at an estate and one of them was fond of eulogizing and singing the praises of the rich men that brought their cars to the car wash, especially the praise of a rich miner who happened to be the richest man around. The other always sang the praises of God. By eulogizing and singing the praises of men, the car wash attendant got a lot of tips.

But one day, while eulogizing the rich miner, the miner got so head swollen that he dipped his hand into his bag and gave the cash attendant an ugly-looking object, covered in mud. Not knowing what it was, the car attendant showed it to his colleague that sang the praises of God and asked,”What is it?” “I don’t know” he answered. The car wash attendant then decided to sell it to the second attendant for anything he could pay.

So, the second attendant gave him all his wages for the day and took the object to a goldsmith to help him check what the object was. The goldsmith cleaned and put the object in the furnace and discovered it was raw gold. This raw gold turned the life of the attendant that praised God around and was the beginning of his wealth. This is just an illustration of how the riches of sinners or the wealth of the unjust can be transferred to you, as a covenant child of God.

Our Daily Manna Saturday 3rd April 2021 Today ODM Devotional Message

2 Kings 7:1-10 is the story of how four lepers became instant rich celebrities. It is the story of a siege that was so bad that people killed and ate their own children, but these four lepers who were not allowed into the city decided to go to the camp of the Syrian army perhaps the Syrian soldiers might pity and give them food.

But as they went, the Lord amplified the sound of their feet to sound like that of a host of chariots, horses, and soldiers marching, in the ears of the Syrian army. They were terrified, thinking that the king of Israel had gone to hire the kings of the Hittites and the Egyptians to come upon them. So they fled leaving everything they brought- their food, their clothes, their gold, and their silver.

2 Kings 7: 8 (paraphrased) says that these four lepers were not only used to save the city from imminent starvation, they became very rich- FROM 4 LEPERS TO MILLIONAIRE DISTRIBUTORS OF FOOD, CLOTHES, GOLD, AND SILVER! Ah! Prov. 13:22 says: “…the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just. “The riches of the Syrian army, their enemies, became theirs instantly.

Today ODM Devotional Message for Saturday 3rd April 2021

Today’s 1st basic scripture says: “And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the Lord, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel” As you continue and persistently acknowledge and praise God, He will put the riches of sinners in your hands. Hold and hold out!

PRAYER POINTS: Take song 1: My faith looks up…
Our own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now
No matter my situation, help me to keep my eyes on You and not on man, in Jesus name. Our Daily Manna April 3rd 2021
Sweat and struggle-free financial breakthrough is mine this year in Jesus name
Pray about today as led. Pray pages 7-9 prayers

Thanks for reading Today’s Our Daily Manna Saturday 3rd April 2021 ODM Devotional written by Bishop Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe the founder of the various Manna Prayer Mountain (MPM) worldwide.



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