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Daily Guide 1st January 2024 || Scripture Union Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 18 March 2023 | Devotional

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Scripture Union Daily Guide 18 March 2023 | Devotional

Do You Know That? Daily Guide Reading is published by Scripture Union Press & Books Ltd, an arm of Scripture Union Nigeria. Daily Guide is a true nondenominational, interdenominational Christian Bible engagement/reading aid – meditate on the Bible without denominational colorations. May the Lord bless you as you study!

Today’s Topic: Greatness without Godliness?

Opening Prayer: Dear Lord, make me more like you through the power of your word as I meditate on it.

Scripture: Esther 1: 1 – 22

Question(s) for Reflection
• Q 2: Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?
• Q 5: Is there any warning for me to heed?

Outline For Scripture Union Daily Guide 18 March 2023

This King Xerxes (Greek name) is same as Ahasuerus (Hebrew name). His father was King Darius I, and his grandfather Cyrus the Great of Persia who issued the decree to release willing Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple (Ezra 1:2). This family history and heritage helps us to understand the person and power of this King Xerxes. Notice the extent of his kingdom (v.1).

Vs.3-4 describes the first royal party in this chapter which lasted for 180 days! The second party is described in vs.5-8. What can you learn about the King, his people, and his palace from the account of these parties? His power is seen in the “tremendous display of the opulent wealth of his empire similar to our modern-day display of a nation’s military might. Ahasuerus was also a very generous person (v.7).

Our actions sometimes have impact on others without our knowing. See how the Queen’s refusal of the King’s command is perceived to affect other women and family life in v.18. Family unity is enhanced when spouses learn to love and respect each other.

Practice/Word Application
Thought: Memucan’s counsel and the decision of the nobles (vs.16-19) led to a new marriage law throughout the empire (read v.22). How will you compare this marriage custom to the biblical teaching?

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
While his grandfather focused on the glory of God, King Xerxes displayed his own greatness and self-glory. Are there any idols of self-glory that you need to repent of today?

Prayer for the week
► Pray for Godly Society where Christ reigns and the righteousness of God is emphasized.
► Pray against ungodliness, Ritual killings, Banditary, kidnappings, and Raping of women that has turned our society to a place of terror.


They captured fortified cities and a fertile land. They took possession of houses full of every good thing. – Nehemiah 9:25

► The call to occupy till He comes.
► Raising the prayer team in SU to keep on as dedicated watchmen/women.

► The grace to continue in spiritual fields and plant vineyards in order to gather fruitful harvests in the Groups, Zones, Areas, Regions and National.
► The presence of the Lord and His direction in all our SU programmes.
► The Regional Prayer Secretaries as they continue to ensure the flame of praying does not go out in their Regions.
► The Prayer Team as they prepare for the forth coming Prayer Conference next week.

► Spiritual weakness and failing to continue in prayer in our (Groups, Zones, Areas and Regions).
► Going to the spiritual battle in the flesh instead of allowing the Spirit of God to lead.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with Ephesians 5:20

One Year Bible Reading Plan
Numbers 25, 26, Acts 10

Scripture Union Daily Guide 18 March 2023 | Devotional

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