Daily Guide 2023

Scripture Union Daily Guide 19 April 2023 | Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 19 April 2023 | Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 19 April 2023 | Devotional

Do You Know That? Daily Guide Reading is published by Scripture Union Press & Books Ltd, an arm of Scripture Union Nigeria. Daily Guide is a true nondenominational, interdenominational Christian Bible engagement/reading aid – meditate on the Bible without denominational colorations. May the Lord bless you as you study!


Opening Prayer: Grant me grace dear Lord to apply what you will teach me today as I read this passage.

Scripture: EXODUS 20:18-26

Question(s) for Reflection
• Q 7: What truth is God revealing to me in this passage?

Outline For Scripture Union Daily Guide 19 April 2023

God came down on Mt Sinai to meet His people in a very special way. Thunder and lightning, dark, thick smoke, trumpet blasts and violent earthquakes associated with His presence made it terrifying to the people (v.18). The people stayed at a distance for fear of death and requested Moses to speak to them in place of God (v.19).

Compare the experience of the Israelites with that of Moses when God appeared to him on the same mountain (Exodus 3:1-4). Identify two reasons why God chose to manifest Himself in such an awesome manner this time (vs.20,22) and the lesson we can learn from this (vs.23,24).

Note that, “the fear of God” is different from “being afraid of God” hence Moses’ plea in v.20. Being afraid of God and His call make some people run away from Him. Similar to Adam’s response to God in Genesis 3:10, the people “stayed at a distance” away from God because they were afraid (v.18). God wants us to draw near to worship and serve Him with reverential fear and not take Him for granted. Yet, He wants us to be simple and natural in our worship as revealed in vs.24-26.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
Help me, Lord, to worship and serve you with fear and trembling knowing well that you are a consuming fire.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with Numbers 23:8

One Year Bible Reading Plan: Joshua 17, 18.


For the Lord your God is the God of gods and Lord of lords, the Great, the mighty and awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribes. – Deuteronomy 10: 17

► Being our God, the creator of the whole universe.
► Being the one who keeps covenant and steadfast love for those who love Him.

► Increased transparency among staff and pilgrims as we serve God under SU.
► Grace for our labour in SU to continue to be in the love and fear of God.
► The help of the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in all things that pertain to godliness and holiness.

► Doing works that will not meet up with the standard of heaven.
► All forms of lack of transparency in our lives and service to God.


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