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Scripture Union Daily Guide 1 January 2023 | Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 21 November 2022 | Devotional

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Scripture Union Daily Guide 21 November 2022 | Devotional

Do You Know That? Daily Guide Reading is published by Scripture Union Press & Books Ltd, an arm of Scripture Union Nigeria. Daily Guide is a true nondenominational, interdenominational Christian Bible engagement/reading aid – meditate on the Bible without denominational colorations. May the Lord bless you as you study!

Today’s Topic: Praise As A Warfare Weapon

Opening Prayer: Help me to understand the exceeding greatness of your power as I read through this passage, dear Lord.

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20: 20‐37

Question(s) for Reflection
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?
• Is there any command for me to obey?
• Is there any warning for me to heed?

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Today’s Outline For Scripture Union Daily Guide 21 November 2022

Yesterday, we noted the instructions God gave Jehoshaphat through Jahaziel, particularly v.17. Today, the instruction is carried out. Notice the first steps the king takes (v.21). What a strange way to go into battle. Without a fight, they return home victorious! They become mere spectators of the battle between God and the foreign army and clearing agents of the booties the Lord provided.

There is power in praise. It is a mighty tool in the hand of every believer and it guarantees victory no matter the magnitude of our challenge. Recall the case of Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16:25‐27; see also Psalm 50:23 and Joshua 6:1‐21). The Ammonites are not the only people impacted by Jehoshaphat’s extraordinary victory (see vs.29‐30). It is regrettable that king Jehoshaphat made a trade alliance with Ahaziah, the wicked king of Israel (vs.35‐37). How did God handle the deal? See the warning in 1 Corinthians 10:12.

Practice/Word Application
So what? Make sure you are not trapped into any doubtful alliance in business or because of your social status.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Thank you, dear Lord, for the seen and unseen victory you continually grant us.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with
Exodus 33:14; Romans 14, 15; Proverbs 15

Scripture Union Daily Guide 21 November 2022 | Devotional

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