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Scripture Union Daily Guide 1 January 2023 | Devotional

Scripture Union Daily Guide 29 November 2022 | Devotional

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Scripture Union Daily Guide 29 November 2022 | Devotional

Do You Know That? Daily Guide Reading is published by Scripture Union Press & Books Ltd, an arm of Scripture Union Nigeria. Daily Guide is a true nondenominational, interdenominational Christian Bible engagement/reading aid – meditate on the Bible without denominational colorations. May the Lord bless you as you study!

Today’s Topic: A short history of Jotham

Opening Prayer: Dear Lord, I request that you help me to encounter you as I meditate on your word.

Scripture: 2 Chronicles 27: 1‐9

Question(s) for Reflection
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?
• Is there any command for me to obey?
• Is there any warning for me to heed?

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Today’s Outline For Scripture Union Daily Guide 29 November 2022

In just nine verses, so much has been said about Jotham, thus: ? He did what was right in the eyes of the Lord (V.2) ? He renovated sections of the temple of the Lord (v.3) ? He expanded his grandeur by building cities, forts and towers (v.4) ? He conquered the Ammonites (v.5) ? He grew very rich (v.5) V.6 explains the foundation of his success, power and prosperity: he walked steadfastly before the Lord his God.

Reflect on that for a moment. It is always a fact that God honours those who walk faithfully before Him (see Deuteronomy 10:12). Notice that the people did not come alongside their king (v.2b). It is not always the case that a leader carries the people in his direction. Corrupt culture, which sometimes is handed down generations through socialization, can cut across successive leadership eras. But that is not a license for the leader(s) to embrace it. Jotham is a good example of a leader who remained godly in a culture of ungodliness.

Practice/Word Application
For further action: identify leaders – whether Christian, political, community or otherwise – who appear committed to walk in the ways of the Lord. Pray for them every week.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Lord, help me to live a fulfilled life according to your will.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with
John 12:26; Colossians 1, 2; Proverbs 19

Scripture Union Daily Guide 29 November 2022 | Devotional

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