Seeds of Destiny Devotional by Dr Paul Enenche

Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019 – Your Uprightness And Your Safety


Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019 Devotional written by Dr. Paul Enenche


SCRIPTURE: The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion. Proverbs 28:1

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Faith is a shield against destruction

Sometime ago, I went to preach in a state in Nigeria and a High Court Judge came to see me and requested that I pray for him. According to Him, he was handling a case of culpable homicide and the accused was found to be guilty as charged. He was going to sentence the accused according to the law but the relations of the accused tried to make him compromise by bribing him financially.

The judge refused to be compromised so they went diabolical against him. Anytime he was about to handle that particular case in court, his hands would begin to vibrate and he would become incoherent. But he said to me, ‘Pastor, I have been a judge for thirty years, if I have ever taken any bribe, then, let their charm work, but if I have not taken a dime from anyone as bribe, then, pray with me and I know that nothing would happen to me.’ Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019.

I told him, ‘Sir, your stand is too solid for the devil, and you have a ground to break the back of that devil’, and prayed for him.

Beloved, it is not possible to be ruggedly bold like this judge if your life has been compromised. He could declare with boldness, authority and audacity and believe by faith that God was going to defend him from diabolism because of his upright stand with God. When you live uprightly and righteously, fear is destroyed from your life and you are imparted with the boldness of faith, and faith is a shield against destruction. (Eph. 6:16)

REMEMBER THIS: Faith is a shield against destruction

ASSIGNMENTS: Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019 Devotional

1. Repent from any sin or unholy living that may make your life vulnerable to enemy attacks.

2. Allow nothing to shift your faith in God.

PRAYER: O Lord, I believe in You; I put all my hope and trust in You. Guide and protect me from the destruction of the enemy, Lord in Jesus’ Name.


Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019

QUOTE: No man ever lives to reach his destiny if his focus is on how to outdo and undo another person. Culled from 21 FOOLISH THINGS PEOPLE DO by Dr Paul Enenche

DAILY READING: Joshua 16:1 to 18:28, Luke 19:1 to 27, Psalm 87:1 to 7, Proverbs 13:11

AMAZING FACT: Coffee beans aren’t beans. They are fruit pits.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 18/04/1946 – The International Court of Justice holds its inaugural meeting in The Hague, Netherlands.

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Seeds of Destiny 18 April 2019 Devotional written by Dr. Paul Enenche

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