Seeds of Destiny Devotional by Dr Paul Enenche

Seeds of Destiny 3 February 2019 Devotional – The Content of the Blessing

Seeds of Destiny 3 February 2019 Devotional – The Content of the Blessing by Pastor Paul Enenche.

Topic: The Content of the Blessing
SCRIPTURE: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ: Ephesians 1:3

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: The Blessing is a limit terminator.

The Blessing of God has been confirmed to be one of the greatest assets on earth. This is because the Blessing is very important to life and destiny. It is important to know that at creation, man was not given money or material possessions by God but the Blessing (Genesis 1:28). Although, man lost the Blessing in the Garden of Eden after he sinned against God, God restored the Blessing to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3).This is to let us know that the Blessing is a crucial necessity for life and destiny. Seeds of Destiny 3 February 2019 Devotional

It is, therefore very important to understand the content of the Blessing. Now, what is the content of the Blessing of God? What is the potency of the Blessing?

The Blessing is a limit terminator (Gen.12:1-5)
Abraham suffered ancestral limitations but the Blessing of God terminated his limitations. Nothing terminates limits like the Blessing of God.
The Blessing is destiny Opener (Gen. 12:1-5)
The destiny of Abraham was closed until God released his Blessing on Him. The Blessing opens every closed door of life and destiny.
The Blessing is a destiny accelerator
Abraham was at the same spot in life but when the Blessing of God came upon him, he was shifted to another level of life (Genesis 12:1-5). To be blessed is to be shifted in life.
The Blessing is a capacity amplifier
God’s Blessing is an antidote to smallness on earth; the Blessing of God amplifies one’s capacity in life (Genesis 32:24-280).
The Blessing is a life and destiny Preserver
The Blessing protects lives and destinies; a blessed person cannot be wasted. (Genesis 31:26-30).
Beloved, my counsel is, do everything possible to get the Blessing of God. Connect to a prophetic cover to access God’s Blessing for your life and destiny.

Remember this: The Blessing is a limit terminator.

ASSIGNMENTS (Seeds of Destiny 3 February 2019 Devotional):

Make up your mind to connect God’s Blessing.
Connect to a prophetic cover to access the Blessing.
PRAYER: O Lord, I access Your blessing to break every curse working against my life, in Jesus Name.


DAILY READING: Exodus 17:8 to 19:15, Matthew 22:34 to 23:12, Psalm 27:7 to 14, Proverbs 6:27 to 35.

AMAZING FACT: It would take a modern spaceship 70,000 years to get to the nearest star to the earth.

TODAY IN HISTORY: 03/02/1985 – Desmond Mpilo Tutu became the first black Anglican Archbishop of Johannesburg.

QUOTE: The Blessing of the Lord is in search of the work of your hands. Culled from 21 UNCOMMON KEYS TO FINANCIAL OVERFLOW by Dr Paul Enenche.

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