Streams of Joy Devotional With Pastor Jerry Eze

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 17 January 2023

NSPPD 2023 Fasting And Prayer Points for Day 9


Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 17 January 2023

NSPPD 2023 Fasting And Prayer Points for Day 9


Our Day 9 Prayer Topic – All Round Health/Healing

Read/Study/Meditate – Malachi 4:2, Psalm 107:20, Matthew 8:17🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

♦ Jesus Son of David, HAVE MERCY ON ME! I refuse a new year with Old identities/Labels! Change my story, Thou Son of David, by your Mercy, Do to me what You only know how to do! (Luke 18:38-41)

♦ 2023, whatever I bind in you is bound in Heaven! Whatever I loose, will be loosed in Heaven! Therefore I declare Contrary reports are torn by fire! I see healing coming, I see strong men bowing, I see an outburst of the Supernatural.! This year the Lord satisfies me early! I receive my breakthrough, I carry my evidence! I testify that WHAT GOD CANNOT DO, DOES NOT EXIST! (Matthew 18:18-20)

♦ January to December 2023: I AM IN MY GOSHEN! By the Blood of Jesus, Sicknesses and diseases of Egyptians, NOT me! NOT my Family! We are exempted by Fire! (Genesis 45:10, Deuteronomy 7:15)

♦ Every covenant of sicknesses/diseases/afflictions/ill health I may have accepted unknowingly in my thoughts or with my words, I am delivered by Mercy! I break out by Fire! (John 8:36)

♦ I will not be absent on any day of my celebration/coronation, Any man or woman that shall arise to project arrows of sickness or infirmity to hinder me or anyone connected to me, fire of God, both the arrow and archer, scatter! (Proverbs 26:27)

♦ 2023 is my Year of DIVINE HELP! Years of running around in circles, servicing negativity in my Health, End by Fire! Every fountain of ill health in me or any one connected to me, dry up by Fire! My testimony shall be, Help arrived Suddenly! Speedily! Instantly! (Mark 5:25-34)

♦ I am fashioned in Christ ONLY unto Good Health of Mind, soul, and body! Every lie from the pit of Hell, be cancelled by Fire! (Ephesians 2:10)

♦ Whatever has defied the Wisdom of Men and posed as an impossibility in my health, by the miraculous hand of God, be reversed by Fire! (Jeremiah 32:27)

♦ My Body is the temple of the Holyghost, Not of diseases! I shake off every seed of infirmity planted by the enemy into the fire. Demonic agents sent to oppress me, have you not heard, I am a burning and shining light, Fire!!! I shake you off! (1 Corinthians 6:19, Acts 28:5)

♦ I redeem every day of my 2023 by the blood and I declare Affliction shall not arise! That same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in me, it quickens, revitalizes and renews my health daily! (Ephesians 5:16; Romans 8:11)

♦ This year, because I have waited upon the Lord, my health will not fail me, my strength is renewed like the eagle. Arrows that cause men to faint and become weary: I AM NOT YOUR CANDIDATE! I bask daily in the glory and Fire of the Lord. (Isaiah 40:31)


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Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 17 January 2023

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