Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 28th January 2023

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 28th January 2023

Streams of Joy 21 Days Fasting And Prayer 28th January 2023

NSPPD 2023 Fasting And Prayer Points for Day 20


DAY 20 – Burning and Shining Lights, our Penultimate day of our 21 Days Fasting and Prayers is Here!!! HallelujahπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»

Study/Meditate: Genesis 1, Mathew 5:14-6, Isaiah 25:7

2023: NO MORE COVERING!!! 3x (Isaiah 10:27)

LET THERE BE LIGHT!!! Light, Glory, Fire of God enter my family, visit my city, sweep through my nation, dispel every darkness, expose hidden mysteries, consume negativity, territorial forces, evil men and their altars! Let there be Light! (Genesis 1)

I hear my name on a higher ground! Angels of the most high God roll away every stone at the door of my advancement! By that same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, I command whatever is lying dormant within me to rise, let every dead thing Come forth by Fire! (Matthew 28:2)

Lord, carry me by you Spirit, take me to that height that will make it impossible for me to be covered! (Matthew 5:14)

The season of my manifestation has come! I receive grace to open what has been covered in my family/nation/generation! I uncover! Let every seal break! (Revelation 5:2)

Every depth that I need to sustain the greatness upon my life, I dig up by Fire! As it was with Isaac, any philistine in form of a man/woman/policy/structure that shall arise to cover, frustrate or stop me, Thunder of Heaven, locate and destroy! (Genesis 26:13-22)

I am not my past, I am not my pains, I am not my failures – A NEW ME HAS EMERGED! Therefore, According to the order of Lazarus, every grave clothe, every covering upon my life insisting I will carry the identity of my yesterday, tear by Fire! (John 11:44)

No matter how long I was covered, delayed or denied, 2023 has arrived with major evidences that I am in my season of a feast of fat things. (Isa. 25:6)

I am too Loaded to be where I am! Evil hand that manipulated my time, demonic coverings, territorial limitations, I am no longer your candidate! Every line I have been unable to cross for many years, I cross by Fire! (Numbers 23:23)

This year, I am a candidate of the overflow! Every Cap I have put on myself/abilities/capabilities, I Take it off! Lord, Let there be a flow! (2 Kings 4:1)

I am dangerously Graced, therefore I cannot be covered! Territorial/environmental forces that swallow destinies/business/careers in my city/nation, I am not your candidate! By the force of God’s Grace, I break out by Fire! I blaze the trail, I exceed expectations! (John 1:16)


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