Our Daily Bread 2021

Our Daily Bread 2021

Our Daily Bread Devotional is a daily routine for Christians who yearn for God’s presence in their lives.

It offers solutions from God’s Word. It is rooted and has in-depth of God’s knowledge for mankind to benefit.

Our Daily Bread is a tool of salvaging one’s soul from the shackles of darkness. It preaches ‘Love God’ ‘Love Others

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Bible In A Year: Exodus 19–20; Matthew 18:21–35

Key Verse: “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” – Amos 5:24

Today’s Scripture: Amos 5:21–24 (NIV)

INSIGHT: The pairing of the words justice and righteousness as seen in Amos 5:24 is common in Amos (see 5:7; 6:12) as well as other books of the Old Testament. As those who were in a covenant relationship with the One whose rule is based on righteousness and justice (Psalm 89:14; Isaiah 9:7) and who loves these virtues (Psalm 33:5), the people of God were to reflect the same in their relationships with each other.

When they didn’t, God challenged and corrected them. The appearance of these two words together strongly suggests that justice and righteousness are parallel terms and thereby related. One way of viewing the terms is to see justice (acting fairly and judicially) as the fruit of being rooted in righteousness (what is right as it relates to God and man).

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