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The Upper Room 23rd March 2024 Devotional: Our Source of Power

The Upper Room 15 February 2024 Devotional: Why?

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The Upper Room 15 February 2024 Devotional: Why?

Read and Study Today’s The Upper Room Daily Devotional for February 15th, 2024 Message written by Cindy Bear (Iowa, USA). God bless you as you study today! Please share with your friends and loved ones.

Job 11:7-16

God is with me when things go right and when things go wrong.

Job said to God, “Why then did you bring me out of the womb?” – Job 10:18 (NIV)

As I was recovering from shoulder replacement surgery, all was going well — that is, until I broke out in shingles. Anyone who has ever experienced shingles knows that the pain and general misery are a nightmare. I confess I was angry at God.

I could relate in a very small way to what Job experienced. And, like Job, my prayers began with “Why?” I was already extremely uncomfortable after surgery, and now this festering annoyance was getting worse each day! “Why, God? What am I supposed to learn from this?”

I’m happy to say that the shingles wounds have healed, and my shoulder works better than ever. But I still don’t understand what all that pain was supposed to teach me. Surely there is much in my life and in the world that just doesn’t make sense. Sometimes we are not given the answers to our “why” questions, but we can trust that God is with us. We can cry out to God with what we don’t understand and know that God loves us still.

Loving God, help us to keep trusting you when our lives seem to be overly burdened. Strengthen our spirits, and walk with us through our struggles. Amen.

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The Upper Room 15 February 2024 Devotional: Why?

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