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The Upper Room 23rd March 2024 Devotional: Our Source of Power

The Upper Room 16th March 2024 Devotional: God’s Shadow

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The Upper Room 16th March 2024 Devotional: God’s Shadow

Read and Study Today’s The Upper Room Daily Devotional for March 16, 2024 Message written by Lynda Samuel (Scotland, United Kingdom). God bless you as you study today! Please share with your friends and loved ones.

Psalm 91:1-16

I am safe and secure in the Lord.

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. – Psalm 91:1 (NIV)

In Scotland, UK, where I was brought up, we don’t have a lot of warm sunshine. I remember as a teenager sitting outdoors sunbathing, trying to get a tan. I’d sigh with disappointment when a cloud obscured the sun temporarily, covering me in a cool shadow.

My feelings toward shadows changed dramatically when I landed in Madras, India, in May 1975 to serve on the staff of a teacher-training college. I stepped off the plane into what felt like a hot oven — 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Overhead was a cloudless blue sky. In what can be an oppressively hot and humid climate, people long for shadows which can offer shelter. The students used to sit in groups under the spreading foliage of trees to study together.

Likewise, in the warm, sunny land of Israel, where David composed his psalms, a shadow would be thought of as a gift, a comfort, a protection — something to be valued. How much more valuable, then, is “the shadow of the Almighty!” In God’s shadow, we find shelter and safety.

Dear God, thank you for the change in perspective new experiences can bring. Inspire us today to rest in your sheltering shadow. Amen.

Those who need shelter


The Upper Room 16th March 2024 Devotional: God’s Shadow

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