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The Upper Room 23rd March 2024 Devotional: Our Source of Power

The Upper Room 6th March 2024 Devotional: Let God In

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The Upper Room 6th March 2024 Devotional: Let God In

Read and Study Today’s The Upper Room Daily Devotional for March 6, 2024 Message written by Judy Hoyt Pettigrew (Florida, USA). God bless you as you study today! Please share with your friends and loved ones.

Matthew 4:1-11

I will practice the disciplines of Lent every day.

Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. – Matthew 4:1 (NIV)

What are you giving up for Lent? I know I am supposed to give up something in order to reflect on Jesus’ 40 days in the desert and to prepare for the commemoration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. My immediate answer for way too many years has been “chocolate” and “playing pickleball.” But if I knew I was going to die in 40 days, giving up food and fun would not make the list at all! So, what would I give up?

I’d give up wasting time. I would focus on all the people I haven’t seen or talked to enough and tell them how much they mean to me.

I’d give up trying to tell my grandkids what to do! Instead, I would write down my life’s story — hopefully to leave answers to questions they will surely have after I am gone.

I’d give up harbored anger, resentment, and frustration over my failures, the relationships that turned out badly, and the opportunities I ignored.

I’d give it all up to let God in — not just for Lent or 40 days, but from this day forward. Let us renew our commitment to follow Jesus’ example of obedience as we seek fullness of life in God.

Dear God, help us to appreciate the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Give us the courage to follow his leading toward wholeness of life. Amen.

To give up what separates me from God


The Upper Room 6th March 2024 Devotional: Let God In

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