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The Upper Room 23rd March 2024 Devotional: Our Source of Power

The Upper Room 9th March 2024 Devotional: Something to Offer

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The Upper Room 9th March 2024 Devotional: Something to Offer

Read and Study Today’s The Upper Room Daily Devotional for March 9, 2024 Message written by Torrey Curtis (Oklahoma, USA). God bless you as you study today! Please share with your friends and loved ones.

1 Corinthians 12:4-11

From the freshness of God’s love for me, I will share my gifts with the world.

So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; look, new things have come into being! – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NRSVUE)

I am a widower, and I have lived by myself for more than 10 years after 35 years of marriage to a wonderful woman. My wife had done all our cooking, so thankfully, I have discovered a salad which I really enjoy. Every day when I’m at home I make this same salad. Recently, while offering thanks to God for my salad, several insights came to mind.

My salad has the following ingredients: spinach from California, apple from Washington, tomato from Texas, avocado from Mexico, prunes from Chile, tuna from Thailand, olive oil from Greece, and lemon juice from Florida. My salad also has beautiful color, texture, taste, and nourishment. It brings together ingredients from at least four continents. Every ingredient is distinctive, and if any ingredient were absent, I would miss it immediately.

In a similar way, each person is distinctive. Each of us has something special to offer, and each of us is missed when our participation is absent. Our uniqueness means that we can offer something fresh to the world.

What freshness is God calling us to bring to the lives of those around us today?

Thank you, God, for the gift of life in all its variety and color. May we bring the freshness of your love in Jesus Christ to the world. Amen.

For unity among the world’s people


The Upper Room 9th March 2024 Devotional: Something to Offer

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