The Upper Room Devotional

The Upper Room Devotional for 21st November 2022

Topic: God’s Faithfulness - The Upper Room Devotional for 21 November 2022

The Upper Room Devotional for 21st November 2022

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The Upper Room Devotional for 21st November 2022

Topic: God’s Faithfulness
Timothy Hale (Virginia, USA)

Psalm 19:1-9

Creation sings praises to God. How will I sing along?

The Upper Room Devotional For 21st November 2022

Heaven is declaring God’s glory; the sky is proclaiming his handiwork. – Psalm 19:1 (CEB)

There’s nothing quite like a sunrise. The beautiful rays of light bursting over the trees seem to call out, “Wake up! It’s time to start the day!” Recently, beautiful snow blanketed the ground. It was amazing how quickly the sun melted it away, revealing the earth underneath and inviting deer to graze in my yard once again.

Those warm rays of sunlight reminded me of God’s faithfulness. Just as we know the sun will rise each day, we also know that God’s grace will meet us wherever we are to melt away our despair and give us hope.

In the hurriedness of life, we can sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the majesty of creation. The way the world works is amazing! The words of the psalmist remind us that the purpose of creation is to give praise to the Creator. When we take a few moments to slow down and notice the beauty of creation around us, we can remember that God is always with us. And most of all, let’s join with creation in praising God for the mercies that are new each day and for God’s faithful love.

O God, creation sings praises to you. May we live in your eternal light and bring glory to your name. Amen.

Gratitude for each new day

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