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Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 28 October 2022

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Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 28 October 2022

Welcome to Joel Osteen Daily Inspirational Message for 28th October 2022 written by Pastor Joel & Victoria Osteen. Be inspired and be blessed on each day, reading and meditating on God’s Word!

Pastor Joel Osteen is a motivational and inspirational writer and author of many books that has blessed millions of people around. Don’t forget, Joel Osteen Oscar is the lead pastor at Lakewood Church with over 45,000 attendants.

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Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message

Are you focused on what’s wrong, what you didn’t get, what you don’t have? Are you waiting to reach that destination, then you’ll be happy? You’re missing the beauty of this day. Make the decision you’re going to enjoy where you are while you’re on the way to where you want to be. “I’m not there yet, but I’m happy where I am.

I’m not married yet, but I’m happy being single. I still have some challenges, but I’m enjoying life while God is working it all out.” Don’t put your joy on hold. Paul said in Romans, “Let us be full of joy now.” Not tomorrow, not when you reach the goal, not when the problem turns around. Now is the time to be full of joy.

Don’t be impatient for God to act. Don’t be frustrated by what’s not happening. God is working. You’re in the waiting room. You’re being prepared for what God has for you. The reason it’s taking longer than you thought is because it’s going to be better than you thought. If you’ll keep traveling steady, if you’ll stay in the waiting room with a good attitude, I believe and declare God is about to uncover some things that you didn’t see coming. He’s going to surprise you with promotion, opportunity, divine connections, favor, new levels of your destiny.

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Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 28 October 2022

Today’s Joel Osteen Inspirational Message 28 October 2022

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