Winners Chapel Fasting 2024

Winners Chapel Live Sunday 25th February 2024 Service


Winners Chapel Live Sunday 25th February 2024 Service

Join Bishop David Oyedepo at Living Faith Church, aka Winners‘ Chapel today for Sunday Service 25 February 2024, as we celebrate our authority in Christ. Service times: 6:00am, 7:55am, 9:50am & 11:45am


When Jesus rose from the grave, He conquered satan and made him totally powerless.Hallelujah, we are victorious in Christ now and forever.

Winners Chapel Sunday 25th February, 2024 | Live Broadcast

This is Winners Chapel (Living Faith Tabernacle Church) Fortune 2024 Prophetic Lifelines

1. 2024 shall be a year of next-level spiritual breakthrough for every winner – Romans 8:6, 1 Timothy 4 7–8

2. In 2024 the siege of misfortune shall be over in every Winner’s life – Gen. 12:1-3

3. 2024 shall be a year of Isaac order of enviable turnaround for every winner – Gen. 26:12-14/ Gal. 4:28

4. 2024 shall be a year of unending shouts of joy as we c o n t i n u e t o f a v o u r H i s righteous cause – Psa. 35:27

5. 2024 shall be a year of fearful favour for every winner as we continue to take pleasure in the matters of the kingdom – Psa. 102:13-15

6. 2024 shall be a year of allround rest as every Winner enters and sustains his place in the covenant of stewardship – 2 Chr. 15:12-15

7. 2024 shall be a year of supernational enlargement for every winner as we keep giving thanks and praise to God in and out of season – Isa. 54:1-4 / 2Tim. 4:2

8. Every Winner shall be satisfied with favour after the order of Naphtali in 2024 – Deut. 33:23

9. Every Winner shall dip his/her foot in oil after the order of Asher in 2024 – Deut. 33: 24-25

10. 2024 shall be a year of supernatural flight for every Winner as we saw in David – 1Sam. 16:21-22/ 1 Sam. 17:32-50

11. 2024 shall be a year of release for every Winner that will mark the end of servitude and slavery in any form – Deut. 15:1-6/7-11

12. In 2024 there shall be a reenactment of the explosive dimension of Church growth of 2015 in all our churches worldwide in terms of speed of delivery – Isa. 66:7-8/ Jer. 30:19-21

13. In 2024 there shall be a repeat of the wonder double cell replication of 2021 across
our Churches globally at heaven’s speed – Lam. 3:37

14. In 2024 this commission shall be stepping into fearful realms of breakthrough as we continue to walk in the light of s c r i p t u r e s i n 2 0 2 4 – Jhn. 12:35/ Eph. 5:8

15. Every local assembly in this commission shall be minimum double in attendance of 2023 records on or before
the end of the first half of 2024 – Act. 6:7

16. The WSF platform of every l o c a l a s s e m b l y i n t h i s commission shall be minimum double her current size both in attendance and number of cell locations in 2024 – Act. 5:32

17. The strange acts and the strange works of God shall be evident in both Faith Academy and Kingdom Heritage network of schools across board in 2024 – Isa. 28:21-22

18. Both Covenant and Landmark Universities shall yet be scaling higher heights in 2024 that shall humble world-class universities by reason of divine presence – Zeph. 3:17/19-20

19. In 2024, the Word of fire shall be going forth from the altar of every local assembly in this commission leading to massive conversion and transformation of worshippers – Jer. 23:29/ Jer. 20:9/ Act. 2:37

20. All through 2024, the healing river shall continue to flow on our altar across the nations bringing about the healing of all manner of sickness and disease among worshippers – Mat. 4:23/ Mat. 10:1/ Luk. 9:1-2/6

21. In 2024, God shall be launching this commission to a new phase of ministry with increased global impact – Mic. 4:1-2

22. In 2024, death shall be swallowed up in victory in this commission globally – Isa. 25:6-8/ Isa. 65:20-24/ 1Cor. 15:54

23. The peace of God that passes all knowledge shall be our experience both as a church and as individuals in 2024 – 2 Chr. 15:12-15/19

24. 2024 shall be a year of good news only for us both as a commission and as individuals – Isa.60:17-20

25. All that we shall be hearing all through 2024 shall be congratulations every month of the year both as a Church and as individuals – Psa. 30:11-12

Winners Chapel Live Sunday 25th February 2024 Service

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