Anglican Daily Fountain 1st March 2022 | Repent and Avoid God’s Wrath

Anglican Daily Fountain 1st March 2022
Anglican Daily Fountain 1st March 2022 | Repent and Avoid God’s Wrath

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TEXT: Jeremiah 8:1-16

Anglican Daily Fountain 1st March 2022 | STUDY:

This passage reflects God’s imminent judgement over the idolatrous and unrepentant people of Judah in the days of Prophet Jeremiah. The prophets and priests were giving false assurances rather than correction. The text foretells the Babylonian invasion that would lead to: 1. The death of many of them and exposure of their dead bodies – a desecration of their Jewish custom (vv. 1-3). 2. Acquisition of their wives and farmlands by their enemies (v.10). 3. Grapes and vine will be unproductive (v.13). 4. Search for fortified cities to hide in (v. 14).

5. Lack of peace and good health (v. 15). One would have thought that after hearing the impending doom, the people of Judah would repent but they did not. No repentant or righteous person was found in the city. Everyone behaved as he/she liked (v.6) and God’s wrath came upon them (2 Kings 24:1-4, 20).

A similar situation is experienced in our society today. People are careless about God. They are unrepentant and live as they wish. Some believe in wealth, connections, positions and occultic powers. However, all of these cannot save; repentance is the key. Are there signs that you are living in sin or heading towards doom? What are you doing to get back on the right track? Today you can avoid God’s wrath if you repent (Ezek. 33:11).

Prayer: O God, I repent of my sins today and rededicate my life to You. May your Word influence my thinking in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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