Daily Guide 6th September 2022 | Scripture Union

Daily Guide 6th September 2022 | Scripture Union

Daily Guide 6th September 2022 | Scripture Union

Read and Meditate on Today’s  Scripture Union Daily Guide for Tuesday 6 September 2022. May the Lord bless you through His Word, Amen!


Topic: Sin Brings Judgment

Opening Prayer: Dear Lord, I pray that you sanctify my spirit, soul and body as I read your word in Jesus name.

Scripture: Micah 1:1‐16

Question(s) for Reflection
• What does the passage teach about God the Father, or God the Son or God the Holy Spirit?
• Is there any example for me to follow or not to follow?

Micah’s message was God’s word that came to him to the nation of Israel and to the whole world (vs.1‐2). When God speaks, He wants us to hear and listen (1 Samuel 3:9). Micah announced the coming of the Lord to judge Israel because of her sins (vs.3‐5 c.f. 2 Kings 17:7‐17). Samaria, the capital of Israel, became the centre for idol worship which spread to all parts of the land. Those in Judah followed their example.

Notice what will happen as a result of God’s judgment (vs.6‐7,16). Sin attracts God’s judgment. His judgment shows that God is not helpless against man’s sin, He intervenes in the affairs of men to show His sovereignty over all His creation, and to make man accountable for his sin. Looking at vs.8‐16, we see how Micah grieved, mourned and lamented because of the sins and the imminent destruction of his people and country.

Notice how he expressed this in vs.8 and 16. In what way does the ill of your community or country touch you and prompt you into action?

Practice/Word Application
So What: Meditate on Isaiah 62:1‐7 and turn it into prayer for your country.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer
• Father, please let your mercy prevail over judgement, and take away your anger from us.

Offer a prayer of faith in line with
Genesis 12:2; Ezekiel 22‐24

Daily Guide 6th September 2022 | Scripture Union

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